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Year Event
0150 Ptolemy refers to Liverpool as "port of the Setanti", whose people later formed part of the bigger Celtic tribe the Brigantes
0432 St.Patrick thought to have left Liverpool for Ireland - a cross marks the spot where he is said to have preached beforehand
1086 Domesday Book records a settlement called Lytherpool comprising a church, a tower and a few huts
1170 Prince Madoc, son of King Owain of Gwynedd, ruler of North Wales, discovers America
1207 King John makes "Liverpul" a borough
1235 A new stone castle is completed at Liverpool
1272 First census takes place in Liverpool giving a population of 840
1282 First Mersey ferry is started by Monks at Birkenhead Priory
1292 John de More is the first identified mayor on record
1296 Liverpool's population estimated as 800
1314 First mention of the Norris family in connection with Speke Hall
1323 The king visits Liverpool staying in the Castle for a week [B12]
1328 The streets of Liverpool are first paved [B12]
1333 The king grants a charter allowing the burgesses of Liverpool to resume self government [B12]
1335 The Sherriff, Sir William Blount is murdered [B12]
1351 William, son of Adam de Liverpool is first recorded Mayor of Liverpool
1360 A mass burial of plague victims takes place at the Chapel of St.Nicholas
1372 Ships as large as 200 tons ordered to assemble in Liverpool for transportation to Ireland
1374 Thomas Moore tries to get William of Liverpool's bakery in Castle Street and his fishing near Toxteth Park [B12]
1379 A list of poll tax contributers provides the earliest record of Liverpool residents names
1383 The first recorded mayor, William son of Adam of Liverpool dies [B12]
1406 Henry IV grants the Isle of Man to Sir John Stanley
1410 The lease of lordship rights granted to the burgesses by John of Gaunt expires [B12]
1413 The burgesses get a new charter from King Henry V restoring the trade monopoly abolished by Richard II [B12]
1415 Richard Molyneux fights at Agincourt
1441 Sir Richard Molyneux made Constable of Liverpool Castle and Ranger of Toxteth, Croxteth and Simonswood parks [B12]
1442 A new tower is built at Liverpool Castle
1495 Henry VII and his queen visit the Stanley estates at Lathom and Knowsley and Thomas Stanley receives the Earldom of Derby