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Pre-1900 People

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William Huskisson's memorial in St. James' CemetaryWilliam Huskisson was Liverpool's Tory moderate MP at the time of the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. He gave a speech one day before attending the ‘grand opening’ on the 15th of September, 1830. Unforunately, he was injured on the opening day and later died.

At Parkside (17 miles from Liverpool) his train stopped to take on water and several people got out to stretch their legs. Huskisson wanted to shake hands with the Duke of Wellington. At the time there was a train approaching led by Rocket on the adjacent track. Huskisson tried to make a dash for it but he was not fit. The Rocket hit the open door of carriage and he fell in the narrow space with his leg being run over by a passing wheel.