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The following lists of BOOKS, VIDEO and WEB LINKS provide some excellent sources of information about Liverpool and it's past. For references specific to Liverpool Railways, see the separate table accessible via option on the left.

Book Title Author No
Across the Western Ocean: American Ships by Liverpool Artists Peabody Essex Museum Vol 131 No 1 01
The American Connection Jones, Ron 02
By Sea and By River [Chaper X1] Anderson, Bern 03
Great Sea Disasters Wilson, Neil 04
A History of the Liverpool Institute Schools 1825-1935 Tiffen, Herbert J 05
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania Hoehling, AA & M 06
Liverpolitana Howell Williams, Peter 07
Liverpool, A Peoples History Aughton, Peter 08
Passage to the New World Hollett, David 09
Portrait of Liverpool Channon, Howard 10
The Story of Liverpool Lamb, CL & Smallpage, E 11
A History of Liverpool Muir, Ramsay 12
Ellis Island Interviews Morton Coen, Peter 13
Roads, Rails & Ferries of Liverpool 1900-1950 Joyce, J 14
Penn Colony Vol 1: Passengers & Ships Prior to 1684 Sheppard, Walter L 15
A Maritime History of New York New York City WPA Writers' Project 16
Liverpool Chandler, George 17
A Thread Across The Ocean : The History of the Transatlantic Cable Gordon, John Steele 18
The Beatles Davies, Hunter 19
Shipwrecks of the Isle of Man Corkill, Adrian 20
Shipping Enterprise & Management 1830-1939: Harrisons of Liverpool Hyde, Francis E 21
The Story of Liverpool : 1951 Cotton, V E & Mountford, J F 22
West Coast Steamers Duckworth & Langmuir 23
The Slave Trade: The History of the Atlantic SlaveTrade 1440-1870 Thomas, Hugh 24
Henry Tate 1819 - 1899 Jones, Tom 25
Stanley: The Making of an African Explorer McLynn, Frank 26
A Millers Tale - A History of J Bibby & Sons Ltd.,Liverpool Bibby, J B & Bibby C L 27
The Ocean Railway Fox, Stephen 28
Directory for Liverpool (Where 1111 = YEAR) Gores G-1111

Beat City (TV Documentary) 1963  
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Web Site Title Address No
Liverpool 2007 W001
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich W002
Johnson Family (Liverpool & Manchester) W003
Mormon Emigrant Companies (Ships sailing from Liverpool & other ports) W004
Ships Lists Site W005
Ships that brought O'Briens (& other name variants) to America W006
Merseyside Maritime Museum (Liverpool) W007
Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals W008
Ship Passenger Records from Various Sources W009
Liverpool Record Office W010
The VIDEO BEAT: Liverpool Movies & TV Shows on DVD! W011
Ships of the Mersey W012
The Voyages of Joseph Price 1829-1854 W013
Liverpool Since 1207 W014
Lloyds Register of Ships 1764-2003 (Transcribed by G Provost) W015
Toxteth Park Cemetary Index W016
Mersey Beat - Merseyside's Own Entertainment Newspaper W017
Mersey Beat W018
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild W019

Web Site Title Address No
Historic Liverpool Pennsylvania 101