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'The Liverpolitan', March 1934Welcome to "Liverpool Connections", a web site devoted to the history, up to the present day, of Liverpool, the biggest city in the North of England.

This site started off as a family history spin-off. See the menu option on the left to read more about this web site.   Most people have no idea of the important role Liverpool has played in England and beyond, particularly in the 19th century. The following statement was made the year my great grandfather moved from London to Liverpool (see the menu option on the left for more quotes about Liverpool). :-

"In spite of the opinions of certain narrow-minded people who would
shut-up the human race upon this globe, we shall one day travel to the
moon, the planets, and the stars with the same facility, rapidity and
certainty as we now make the ocean voyage from Liverpool to New York."

						Jules Verne, 1865

'The Liverpolitan', May 1932Liverpool is without doubt a very unique city. A part of England, though close to Wales and directly opposite Ireland on the other side of the Irish Sea.

People came to Liverpool in large numbers. Many came from Wales, Ireland and Scotland, some from other parts of England but plenty also came from much further and this includes anywhere from France to China.

It seems hard to believe today, but we were once "Liverpolitans". In the mid twentieth century came the "comedy era" and we were "Liverpudlians". By the late 20th century it seemed that the 'Scousers" had taken over. However, I am not sure that many people actually eat scouse (or lobscouse) these days?

Based on the latest data (2001 census), Liverpool has the 3rd largest population of England's cities (after Greater London and Birmingham). This is despite the fact that, in common with almost all cities in northern England, it's population has been steadily declining for many years. See the menu option on the left for more detail on population.