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Family Names

Name Frequencies


In 1861 Bedford Street came under the Toxteth Park sub-district of West Derby district. There were then 2030 persons living in Bedford Street. By 1871 the street had been renamed Beaufort Street in recognition of the Duke of Beaufort. The average age in 1861 was 27 years. The most common surname was Jones and the ten most common are listed here:-

Surname Frequency
Jones 80
Smith 37
Williams 36
Thompson/Thomson 26
Wilson 23
Allan/Allen 23
Davies/Davis 20
Harrison 16
Roberts 15
Johnson 15

There was an interesting range of birthplaces in 1861. While most people were born in England, they came from many parts of the country as well as Liverpool. There was also a significant number of persons born in other parts of Britain and further afield. The most common birth countries were as follows (in descending order of frequency). Additionally, Australia, Belgium, Jersey, Mexico and Sweden were all represented in the street.

Birth Country Frequency
England 1509
Ireland 152
Wales 131
Scotland 126
Isle of Man 77
Canada 10
Norway 3