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As with other branches of entertainment, Liverpool seems to have more than it's share of actors and actresses. The following list is of some of those born, brought-up or otherwise connected with the city.

Jean Alexander  Born 1926 in Liverpool she is probably most famous for the part of Hilda Ogden in the TV soap opera "Coronation Street". She was also in the long running sit-com "Last of the Summer Wine".
Tom Baker  Tom was born 1934 in Liverpool and has appeared in many films since 1968. However he is probably most famous for the part of "Doctor Who" which he played on TV for seven years.
Tom Bell  A Liverpool actor playing a part in "Dead Man's Cards", a film shot in Liverpool.
Anthony Booth  Born 1937, he is famous for his part in the TV sit-com "To Death Us Do Part" (the US version is known as "All in the Family").  He is the father of Cherie Booth, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair.  His great great grandfather was Algernon Booth whose nephew was John Wilkes Booth, infamous for being President Abraham Lincoln's assassin. In New York City, there is a "Booth Theater" opened 1913, which was built in memory of another actor of this family, Edwin Booth the brother of John Wilkes Booth.Actor John Wilkes Booth
Kim Cattrall  Kim is probably most famous for her part as "Samantha" in "Sex and the City".   Born in Liverpool, Cattrall's parents immigrated the family to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, when the future actress was three years old. After returning to England at age 11 to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Cattrall finished high school in Vancouver, and at age 16 struck out on her own after winning a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.Actress Kim Cattrall
Craig Charles  Born 1964, he is famous for playing the character "Dave Lister" in the TV series "Red Dwarf".
Margi Clarke  Actress born 1954 in Liverpool. Actress Margi Clarke
Kenneth Cope  Liverpool born, Kenneth was friends with Norman Rossington. As well as various films, he has been in "Coronation Street", "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" and "The Avengers".
Terence Davies  Born in Liverpool in 1945. A sucessful film maker as well as an actor.
Shiela Fay  She was born in Liverpool and married fellow actor Ken Jones.
John Gregson  Born in Liverpool in 1919 and was in many films during the period 1948 to 1971 including "Genevieve" and "The Titfield Thundrbolt" both in 1953. His first film in 1948 was "Scott of the Antarctic".
Deryck Guyler  Deryck was born 1919 at Wallasey. He joined the Liverpool Rep in 1935 and was a member of Tommy Handley's "ITMA" team. In 1964 he was in the Beatles movie, "A Hard Days Night" and also played the school janitor in the TV sit-com "Please Sir".Actor Deryck Guyler
Pearl Hackney  She was a "Windmill Girl" in London but developed her acting career in Liverpool. Pearl was in many films between 1950 and 1987 and on TV between 1960 and 1981 including playing the part of "Daisy Hibbert" in "Coronation Street".    She was also in "Z Cars" and "The Wackers".    She was married to actor and comedian Eric Barker, star of several "Carry On" films. During the 1950s, my parents and I lived in her monther's house in Liverpool 18.    Their daughter, Petronella married actor Anthony Hopkins. Actress Pearl Hackney
Rex Harrison (Sir)  A famous actor both in films and on the stage he was born Reginald Carey Harrison, on 5th March 1908, in Huyton. He attended Liverpool College before joining the Liverpool Repertory Theatre in 1924 at the age of 16, making his theatre debut the same year. He remained a member of the company for over twenty years.
Ian Hart  A Liverpool born actor who has played a number of interesting roles both on TV and in films.    He has played John Lennon twice and appears in Courtney Cox's TV series "Dirt" as "Don Konky" the photographer for a tabloid magazine.
Geoffrey Hughes  He was born in 1944 at Wallasey and started his acting career at the theatre. He has been in many TV shows including the long running soap opera "Coronation Street" and as "Onslow" in the sit-com "Keeping UP Appearances".
Jason Isaacs  Jason was born in Liverpool in 1963 and has appeared in many films since 1989 including the "Harry Potter" series.Actor Jason Isaacs
Glenda Jackson  Born at Birkenhead in 1936 and double oscar winner before retiring from acting to go in to politics.
Ken Jones  Another Liverpool actor. He played one of the characters in "Porridge" and married fellow Liverpool actress Shiela Fay.
Jack Marsden  Liverpool born, Jack has been in films sine 1993 and has appeared on TV including in "Heartbeat".
Paul McGann  Was born in Liverpool in 1959 and has appeared in many films since 1983.
Derek Nimmo  Born in Liverpool in 1930.Actor Derek Nimmo
John Robinson  John was born in 1908 in Liverpool and appeared in many films from 1936 up to 1972.
Norman Rossington  Norman was born in 1928 in Liverpool and appeared in his first film called "Three Men In A Boat" in 1956. Later he appeared in the "Carry On" films. He first got interested in acting when at age 19 he went to a church social with friend Kenneth Cope and took part in a sketch for a joke. Norman is unique in being the only actor to have played alongside both "The Beatles" (in "A Hard Days Night" in 1964) and Elvis Presley (in "Double Trouble" in 1967).
Leonard Rossiter  A well known character actor born in Liverpool in 1926.   He died young in 1984 in a dressing room of the "Lyric Theatre" in London.  His first TV sit-com was "Rising Damp" which ran from 1974 to 1978.   His first movie was "Kind of Loving" in 1962. He was also well known through the TV commercials he did for Cinzano with Joan Collins.
(Katherine) Patricia Routledge  She was born in 1929 at Birkenhead and read English at Liverpool University. Her acting debut started in 1952 at the Liverpool Playhouse in "A midsummer NIghts Dream" but she is probably most well known for playing "Hyacinth Bucket" in "Keeping Up Appearances".    As a youngster Patricia once swept floors when Andrew Sachs (who played "Manuel" in "Fawlty Towers" was stage manager at Liverpool Repertory Theatre.    She later starred in a play he wrote.
Alexei Sayle  A comedian who played a part in "Carry on Columbus" and the 1980s BBC TV sit-com "Young Ones".
Andrew Schofield  Liverpool actor appearing since 1978.
Alison Steadman  Born Liverpool.
Clive Swift  Born in Liverpool in 1936. Clive has been in many films and TV shows since 1963 including perhaps most well known of all, the part of "Hyacinth's" husband "Richard Bucket" in "Keeping Up Appearances" in 1990s.
Ricky Tomlinson  Ricky Tomlinson was born in Blackpool in 1939 but has spent most of his life in Liverpool. He was appeared in many films and TV shows since 1981 including (on TV) the series "Roughnecks" and sit-com "The Royale Family" and in movies such as "Formula 51" (AKA "51st State").
Rita Tushingham  Rita was born at Garston in 1940 and attended the La Sagesse Convent School in Liverpool. She has been in numerous films since 1961 and has also played many varied parts on TV.
Cathy Tyson  She was raised in Liverpool.
Michael Williams  The actor who married actress Judi Dench and was brought-up in Liverpool.

Second Generation Liverpolitans

Halle Berry  Famous for playing a "Bond Girl", her mother is from Liverpool.

Bernard Lee  Probably most famous for playing "M" in James Bond films, his mother was Liverpool born while his father an Irish actor. Bernard also played a Liverpool father in the movie Beyond This Place in 1959.

Mike Myers  Mike was born in Canada but both of his parents are from Liverpool. His father was a Liverpool salesman on whom he loosely based his "Austin Powers" character. Mike is a fanatical Liverpool Football Club supporter.

Basil Rathbone  Basil had a long film career and is perhaps most famous for playing Sherlock Holmes. He was the son of Edgar Philip Rathbone of Liverpool. As a teenager he worked for an insurance company in Liverpool.