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Our Kelly Ancestors

Amy Elizabeth Kelly b.1870
Jane Kelly b~1841
John Kelly b.1849
Mary Ann Kelly b.1835
Mary Ann Kelly b.1876
Mary Elizabeth Kelly b.1880
Margaret Kelly b.1839
Robert Kelly b.1801
Robert Kelly b.1832
Sarah Randal Kelly b.1873
Thomas Kelly b.1845
William Kelly b.1843


One of my great grandmothers was Sarah Randle Kelly. She married William Henry Halsall and my maternal grandmother Sarah Randal Halsall was their daughter. Sarah Randle Kelly was one of at least five children of Manx parents William Kelly and Margaret Kelly.    Photos of Sarah Randle Kelly and William Kelly are included in the Portrait Gallery (see the menu on the home page).

The Children of William Kelly & Margaret Kelly
Baptised Name Event Date Place
Margaret Kelly born 18 Dec 1866 Liverpool
Elizabeth Annie Kelly bapt 8-Aug-1869 Liverpool
Sarah Randle Kelly born 13 Jan 1873 Liverpool
Mary Ann Kelly bapt 11 Jun 1876 Liverpool
Eleanor C born 1880 Liverpool

William and Margaret Kelly married on 9 December 1865 at Kirk Braddan Parish Church on the Isle of Man. Margaret was the daughter of Robert Kelly and was living at Tromode. William was the son of John Kelly (Weaver) and was living at Mount Rule. As yet, it has not been possible to identify William in chistening records, there being at least 14 candidates. From the 1851 and 1861 censuses we can see that Margaret was one of six children. By the 1870s William and Margaret had moved to Liverpool and were living in Upper Mann Street (Liverpool 8) when my great grandmother Sarah Randle Kelly was born.

The Children of Robert Kelly & Jane Cowley
Baptised Name Event Date Place
Robert Kelly bapt 25-Dec-1832 Douglas, Isle of Man
Mary Ann Kelly bapt 22-Mar-1835 Douglas, Isle of Man
Margaret Kelly bapt 3-Feb-1839 Douglas, Isle of Man
Jane Kelly born ~1841 Isle of Man
William Kelly bapt 31-Oct-1841 Douglas, Isle of Man
Thomas Kelly born 22-Apr-1845 Douglas, Isle of Man
John Kelly born 1849 Douglas, Isle of Man

In 1861 Margaret was living with her parents at Cronkbourne Village in the parish of Braddan. Her father and brother (also Robert) were both Canvas Weavers and would probably have worked locally at "Moore's Sail Cloths" at Tromode. In 1851 they were at the same area but in 1841, Margaret, her parents and her older brother & sister were living in Great Nelson Street in the centre of Douglas. This is now known as Nelson Street. In 1841, father Robert is recorded as a Weaver.

A great grand daughter of Robert Kelly, until recently still lived at Cronkbourne Village. She was the grand daughter of Thomas Kelly listed in the above table. Robert Kelly the father, is understood to have originally come from Lonan which is north of Douglas.

The name "Randle" in Sarah Randle Kelly's name was also passed onto my grandmother and mother. It was understood that the name originates on the Isle of Man where my Kelly ancesters came from or possibly from Ireland. It was thought it came from some connection with a Lord though this has never been proven. If true, one possible source could be the MacDonnel (Earl of Antrim) family who commonly use the christian name Randal. There is an ancient song about a Lord Randal. Another possible origin could be Sir Randal Stanley, son of Sir Thomas Stanley. He was captain of the Isle of Man and died there on 17th June 1595. With his wife Margaret, he also had a son named Randal.

Sarah Randal Kelly returned from Liverpool to the Isle of Man for a period with her sister Mary Ann. Sarah R is thought to not have got on with her stepmother (Ellen) after her widowed father remarried. Both Sarah R and her sister worked at Cronkbourne House. Sarah R was also a "dresser" for the entertainer Florrie Forde when she was on the island.