A Coat of Arms registered for Bryan

Last Updated : 13 Sep 2016


Bryans in Liverpool


9 to 15 Madryn Street, Liverpool 8Minnie Bryan lived at 15 Madryn Street, Liverpool 8 and her house is shown (right end) in the adjacent picture of the street. Three doors away at number 9 (left end) lived the Starkey family. One member of that family was destined to later become famous as Ringo Star, the drummer with "The Beatles".

86 Tramway Road, St.Michaels, Liverpool 17In 1891 and 1901 our Bryans were living at 86 Tramway Road, Saint Michaels, Liverpool 17. Their house is the one in the centre of the adjacent photograph. The household was headed by Henry Bryan, Tailor who was there with his wife Ann Jane Bryan and children.