A Coat of Arms registered for Bryan associated with Wexford

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Our Bryan Ancestors

Annie Byan b.1882
Dorothy Bryan b.1882
Dorothy A Bryan b.1870
Edgar Bryan b.1897
Henry Bryan b.1863
Henry Bryan b.1890
Jack Bryan b.1894
John A Bryan b.1873
Minnie Bryan b.1888
Ronald Bryan b.1900
Sarah Bryan b.1867
Thomas Bryan b~1810
Timothy Bryan b~1835


Minnie Bryan last lived at Madryn Street, Liverpool, England.    Her picture is shown on the right and at the time of her birth in 1888, the family was living at 24 Essex Street, Liverpool.    Her father was Henry Bryan who married Ann Jane Howard on the 18th August 1887 when he was living at Chapel Lane, Liverpool, England.    Henry Bryan was born on 28th July 1863 when the family was living at 16 Harwood Street, Everton, Liverpool and his parents were Timothy Bryan and Dorothy Bell.    Henry Bryan was a Tailor and in 1881 (age 17) was living at 5 Bailey Street, Liverpool 1, which is in the city's Chinatown.   

Henry Bryan and Ann Jane Howard and their children
Name Born Birthplace Occupation
Henry Bryan 28-Jul-1863 Everton, Liverpool Tailor
Ann Jane Bryan nee Howard 1864 Liverpool              
Minnie Bryan 27-May-1888 Liverpool  
Dorothy Bryan 1882 Liverpool  
Annie Bryan 1882 Liverpool  
Henry Bryan 1890 Liverpool  
Jack Robert Quirke Bryan 1894 Liverpool  
Edgar Bryan 1897 Liverpool  
Ronald Bryan 1900 Liverpool  

Timothy Bryan died in 1880 and is buried at Ford Cemetery in north Liverpool. In 1881 Dorothy is recorded as a widow and as head of the household in the census that year.    From his marriage and census records, we know Timothy was a Tailor and born between 1833 and 1836 in Ireland. From his marriage certificate, it's also known that his father was Thomas Bryan, who was a joiner. Timothy's wife, Dorothy whom he married at Everton, Liverpool on the 3rd of August 1862, was probably the daughter of Robert Bell and Agnes. In 1861, Timothy when still single was living at 17 Beresford Street, Everton as a Tailor Journeyman with his employer William Bell a Tailor. William Bell was probably his future brother-in-law and brother to Dorothy. He had moved to the Everton district of Liverpool from Ulverston sometime between 1841 and 1851. In 1871 Timothy was at 13 Bailey Street with his family.

Timothy Bryan and Dorothy Bell and their children
Name Born Birthplace Occupation
Timothy Bryan ~1835 Ireland Tailor
Dorothy Bryan nee Bell 1832 Ulverstone        Tailoress       
Henry Bryan 28-Jul-1863 Liverpool Tailor
Sarah Bryan 1867 Liverpool Tailor's Machinist
Dorothy Agnes Bryan 1870 Liverpool Tailoress
John Allen Bryan 1873 Liverpool Tailor

As yet, we still do not know where in Ireland Timothy Bryan (son of Thomas, a Joiner) was born about 1833-1836. Nor do we know if he served his tailor apprenticeship in Ireland or in England. We know he arrived in Liverpool sometime before the 1861 census but by 1881 he had died. A list of possible Irish Timothy Bryan records is included under the records section of this web site (see menu on the left of the Home Page).