The Theatre Royal

Bury St. Edmunds

This is a model of a very rare Georgian theatre, which has managed to survive without significant alteration from its opening in 1819.
A feature of English theatres of the time was the long forestage extending out into the auditorium. The actors shared the space with the audience, in the same way as the Elizabethan theatres of 200 years earlier, such as the Globe.

But by Georgian times there was a major difference. Elizabethan theatres used little or no scenery, but by now, very elaborate scenery was being used. The stage area behind the proscenium arch is equal to the area of the auditorium, and would have been fitted with complicated mechanisms for sliding layers of scenery into place, using tricks of perspective to create distant views.

The model features removeable roofs, showing the auditorium and the backstage area.

The model includes three alternative sets of scenery, a town, woodland and star scene. Each has four elements, to be slotted in position backstage.

The model has a peephole in the front portico, through which the scenes can be viewed.
Place the model under a light source, remove the backstage roof, and enjoy the view of a Georgian theatregoer!

Scale 1:120

76 component parts

ten full colour A4 pages

This model kit has been produced in order to support the Restoration Appeal. Plans are in place to restore the building to its original Georgian splendour. For full details visit the Theatre Royal site at

Price 7.00 plus P&P

Base size : 29 x 20cm