Rosslyn Chapel

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Anyone who has read Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’, or seen the subsequent film, would know of this Chapel. It’s a small 15th Century building, at Roslin, south of Edinburgh. Built by Sir William St.Clair, the Chapel is still owned by the St.Clair family.

Base size : 26 x 21cm

Scale 1:150

196 component parts

six full colour A4 pages

It is a unique Chapel, noted for the mysteries of its ornate stonework, which has Knights Templar and Masonic origins.

It is thought to have been built as the west chapel to a cathedral, which was never completed. Hence the large buttressed wall which is attached.

The model replicates the ornate flying buttresses of the Chapel, requiring much patience to assemble.

To learn more about the Chapel, visit their website here....