Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Base size : 25 x 21cm

This model is necessarily complex, with plenty of interior detail which also shows the frons scenae and the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ in all their colourful glory. The model has proved to be very popular around the world amongst lovers of the Elizabethan stage and enthusiastic modelmakers alike. It has also been much requested for the purpose of supplementing school Shakespearean projects, and has proved to be most worthwhile.

Price £6.50 plus P&P

Scale 1:150

99 component parts

six full colour A4 pages

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A newly revised model of the reconstructed theatre in Southwark, London. This full colour model replaces the original monochrome version which was first designed in 1994. Design changes were adopted as building progressed, most noticeably in the shape of the stage house roof, which was built smaller and lighter than originally planned. These changes are reflected in the new model.