Model Exhibition RAF Halton 6th October 2002

Our third appearance at this huge annual event was by every standard, a great success. We weren’t to learn until the following year that this was the very last Halton Show. It had been held for many years on this Ministry of Defence site, but permission was withdrawn.The show was held inside, in two vast aircraft hangars, and also outside with model flying displays on the airfield, radio controlled boats in a large tank, and many other attractions. The hangars are filled with what must be hundreds of tables, occupied by both traders and exhibitors. Every possible facet of model making is represented. The weather was fine, and visitors arrived in large numbers.

In a prominent (but draughty) position by the door, our hardy group of card modellers filled ten tables with a fine and varied display. We had nine exhibitors, supported by family and friends. Mike Stamper, David Hathaway, Ray Morris, Ian Sinclair, Tony Brandon, Graham Dixey, myself, and our overseas guests Alvar Hansen and Gunnar Sillen. And to add to that list, we were paid a visit by Bob Freidus.

A very long day which passed all too quickly. ‘Hey look at these, they’re all paper’ was a cry I heard many times. We were all busy answering questions, handing out flyers and promoting the hobby to genuinely interested visitors.

The ‘International Card Model Internet Group’ is a suitably grand title, we thought, for our group. Mike is obviously hoping that we should adopt a trout as our symbol.

David and Martin

Bob and Mike

Alvar’s Schreiber display, including the ‘Alte Liebe’ lighthouse and the Fischkutter ‘Selma’

Alvar and Gunnar

Some models from Graham, including the FG Morane Parasol. One of I think only two aircraft in our whole display............

David’s J.S.Schreiber L13 Zeppelin, designed by Alvar, hanging serenely above ......

his Paper Shipwright display

My Traction Engine, a PMI reprint, with a Micromodel version behind.

One of my favourites.. a detail of Mike’s Stephansdom, Vienna, by Schreiber

Gunnar was able to bring a small selection of beautiful models

Ray’s locomotive collection

Tony’s ‘Old Town’ display of his own designed, OO guage houses

Mike’s beautiful Chambord, (L’Instant Durable)

Mike’s Gdansk Embankment, JSC.........

and Pernstejn, from Betexa

Gunnar’s superb ‘Isolda’