Model Show 14th November 2010

In conjunction with the Museumís exhibition of Bob Freidusí collection, Mike Stamper organised the use of a large room in the Museum for a rather grand card model show.

Seven card modellers attended with a vast array of models. This was an unprecedented display in central London. Between us there were several tables full with probably more than 300 wonderful models..... too many to count.

We had a steady stream of visitors during the day. Unlike previous events where the ĎUK Card Model Groupí have had a presence at IPMS shows, this was attended by visitors to the Museum who had no previous experience of such a show. So there was a great deal of amazement from our visitors, who had never seen such models.

We were Mike Stamper, David Hathaway, Doug Holden, Kim Webb, Martin Kaye, Tim Crowe and myself, plus a group of family and friends.

Kimís harbour scene

Martinís beautiful Williams FW26

Timís armoured vehicles and much else

Kimís table of great models

My models including the new St Paulís

Dougís display, including some very detailed
ships and submarines

Mikeís extraordinary display...
many of his larger models were upstairs in the museum exhibition

And Davidís table. The Titanic, dockyard with his wonderful ships, and the lighthouses.

Martinís F1 cars and aircraft

V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London