Model Show 29th October 2006

Letchworth Scale Model Club

An enjoyable day out at a model show hosted by the Letchworth Club in Hertfordshire, UK. They are a discerning group of model makers, with interests in various areas. Displays from other clubs in the hall were of a great variety of modelling disciplines.

But once again, there was much interest in our large display of models which were entirely non plastic!

Unfortunately our ‘UK Card Modellers Group’ was sadly depleted today due to other commitments. So we were represented only by Graham Dixey and myself.

Nevertheless we filled two large tables with a rich variety of paper models. The folk of Letchworth are a discerning bunch, so we had much appreciative comment.

The three pics above are from Graham’s end of the table.
You’ll recognise amongst others Ralph Currell’s R101, FG aircraft, Ray Morris’s locos and the wonderful Frauenkirche.

And my usual collection with some new additions. Lots of automata including Keith Newstead’s Battling Knights, and several Canon downloads...
Mont St.Michel, Notre Dame and the Statue of Liberty

And not to forget the new FG Hawker Hunter and the Canon Teddy Bear!

We had an enjoyable day, handing out plenty of flyers, information and advice........