The Euston Arch

Base size : 21 x 15cm

Scale 1:120

47 component parts

six monochrome A4 pages

The Euston Arch, designed by Philip Hardwick, was completed in 1837. It was the largest Greek propylaeum ever built, reaching a height of over 70 feet. It was the first monument to the railway age, as the gateway to the world’s first railway terminus to be built in a capital city.

Although it was much admired and was also one of the key buildings of 19th century British architecture, the Arch was swept away by official vandalism when the station was redeveloped in 1961.

The model is an authentic representation of the building, based on architectural drawings made prior to demolition. Printed in sepia monotones, and standing 19cm tall, the model kit is easily assembled and makes an elegant subject for display.

The original print run of the model from the hand drawn artwork is now long out of stock.
I have redrawn a digitised version which I can now offer for email distribution in exchange for a small fee. To be printed yourself on suitable card, approx 250gsm. Six pages of card, plus two instruction pages. These are jpg files which may have to be resized to European A4 size pages, 297 x 210mm.
A payment of £2.00GBP should be sent via PayPal to my email address at . I shall then forward the files by email.

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