I’m a great lover of paper automata, and I’ve recently come across the work of Pino, who has some superb models currently available via his site at

This one is called ‘Dubya, the Paper Sheriff.’

This is political satire in a paper model, something which I haven’t come across before. It’s not a beginner’s model, and he acknowledges that the design uses mechanisms developed by Walter Ruffler. It’s a ‘nodding donkey’ which works beautifully. Standing in front is George ‘Dubya’ with a petrol pump, waving the petrol nozzle in one hand and his cowboy hat in the other.

One of my far more modest efforts is depicted below.

The cat looks up, while the mouse eyes the piece of cheese. The mouse is bold enough to leave the safety of his hole...........

when the cat strikes...........but the mouse recoils and the cat waits again !!

Purists will note that this uses a wire handle and metal paper clips... I’m working on an all paper version, but progress is slow !