The Mile Marker 10500 2 Speed Winch

One of the most expensive items many off roaders purchase for their vehicle is a winch. Traditionally in the UK the only sensibly priced units were electric ones. Hydraulic and mechanical were previously out of the publics reach and normally only used by public utilities such as the electricity companies. Now however, all that has changed. Mile Marker have started importing their hydraulic winches from the US. These low profile units are designed in simplest form to be driven from your power steering pump. Since their introduction into the UK, a seperate pump has been introduced provide a greater flow rate and therefore increase the winching speed.

There are a number of features that make this winch stand out from the rest. The first, being hydraulic, is that it requires next to no maintenance. Just a quick check of the hydraulic fluid occasionally. The second is that it has 2 speeds. Low speed for doing the winching and high speed for reeling in after you have finished winching. The third, is the winch is rated at 10,000 lbs, which is above most of its equivalent priced electric competitors.

Installation is very easy as well. No messing around with second batteries, split charge or high output alternators. Installation is reckoned to take 1-2 hours on a Defender. Being of the low profile design, means it is not too obtrusive to fit on vehicles which spend most of their time on the road either.

The performance of this winch was demonstrated at recent Weston Park Winch Evaluation. A Range Rover based Eagle kit fitted with one of these 10500 2 speed winches and the uprated pump was the only winch to complete a full pull on the heaviest of loads (2 tons max). The performance in terms of speed was also comparable to all the electric winches that took part. Full details and results of this evaluation can be found at the following URL

But what about the price for all this power you ask? Well, the basic price of this unit is 749 +vat +delivery. As installation is so easy then the cost is also very low. As you can see this makes it an extremely attractive package. Don't be put off by hydraulics speak to the suppliers and find out just how simple it is.

If you want to know more about this winch or to purchase one then please contact:

Alfred Murray Ltd, Bell Lane Cottages, Chilworthy, Nr. Chard, Somerset TA20 3BG Tel +44(0)1460 61674 Fax +44(0)1460 66609 email or website