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All the programs I have listed below are for OSX.


Nvu is a WSIWYG and HTML web-page creator: it has a few minor quirks (including not understanding frames) but is powerful and easy to use. It's also free. The page also gives a link to Kompozer, which is based closely on Nvu and has some bugfixes - again, free.

PageSpinner is a purely HTML editor: if you need to do hand-coding it is easier to work in than Nvu, and it displays the results of your coding immediately in a separate window. $29.95.

GraphicConverter by Thorsten Lemke will convert pictures to and from a huge number of formats, as well as making animated GIFs and allowing painting and text functions. Shareware, $39.95.

Meteorologist is a menubar application which shows weather conditions, not and predicted, for your chosen locations. It's free.

Yummy FTP has a silly name but is a good FTP program: particularly in allowing syncing between computer and server, so you can automatically uploaded just the web-pages you've changed. $28.

File Buddy by Skytag Software enables you to make adjustments to hidden flags in a file, search on a wide range of parameters, clear out broken aliases, and perform many advanced housekeeping functions. $39.95. 

icWord and icExcel from Panergy Software allow you to open Word and Excel documents respectivel; $19.95 each.

Amadeus Pro $59.99 - requires OSX 10.6 or higher) from HairerSoft is an audio recorder and editor which can handle various formats including AIFF, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. It will also handle VST plug-ins. Amadeus Lite is a simpler version ($24.99).

USB Overdrive by Alessandro Levi Montalcini gives you extended control over multi-button mice and trackballs: you can define different behaviours in different applications; $20.

Film Running Times is a small Applescript I have written which someone might find useful: you input film footage in feet or metres and the speed in frames per second, and it tells you the running time. Free: download. I have left it editable so that you can check its authenticity.

     I should also like to draw your attention to two useful online facilities (both of which work with Mac or Windows):
Freefind places a search and sitemap facility in your web page
Statcounter provides a page-hit counter (visible or invisble) on your chosen web pages and provides a log and analysis.

Both are available free in a basic version, or paid-for with extra facilities.