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This list is substantially complete to Vol. 51 for references to Portuguese maritime history, and the whole range of other interests of the compiler. There will be occasional omissions, but it also includes minor items not traceable in the published indexes. There is no current intention to extend beyond Vol. 51.

Author names may be punctuated in different ways, and are sometimes only initials in the original – (Anderson - RCA, Nance - RMN, Robinson -GR, Carr Laughton - LGCL, Brindley - HHB, for example).

Note: early volumes in 12 monthly parts.

Vol. 1, 1911

Note: pagination of part 8 repeats part 6 in this volume.

A.Moore. Of decks and their definitions. 18-23, 76-9, 178-182.

L.G.Carr Laughton. Capt. Nathaniel Botelier. 23-7 (see also 90-1, 153)

J.R.Tanner. The victualling instructions of 1697. 31-53

H.B.Wheatley. The ship models at Cuckfield Park Sussex. 54-5, 90, etc

R.M.Nance. A 15th century trader ["WA" drg]. 65-7

L.G. Carr Laughton. A bibliography of nautical dictionaries [1708-]. 84-9

A.Moore, R.M.Nance. Round-sterned ships. 105-11, 293-7

L.G. Carr Laughton. Peter Boat [Thames]. 117-8, (see also 153, 184)

R.M.Blomfield. The internal economy of men of war [terms: gun room etc] 161-4

R.G.Corney. The Xebec. 173-7.

H.H.Brindley. Mediaeval ships [stained glass etc]. various - 4 parts, see also Vol.2.

L.G. Carr Laughton. Bibliography of nautical dictionaries II - French [1643-]. 212-5

R.M.Blomfield. Man of war boats. 235-240 (see also vol 2)

L.G. Carr Laughton. Project for a nautical encyclopaedia. 245. (see also 289-292, editorial etc)

W.G.Perrin. The Navy List [ships]. 257-264, see also 321-9

J.Leyland. An old fighting merchant seaman [ca 1700]. 271-5

L.Arenhold. Ships earlier than 1500. 298-301

C.N.Robinson. Artistic trade cards of nautical instrument makers. 330-3

R.M.Nance. Italian ships of 1339. 334-9


Q64. R.M.Nance. Posaberga. 125

A64. Posaberga. pt 6 188, pt 8 187

Q. Trinker. Hatch boats [Thames]. 90

A. Hatch boats. pt 8 188

Q125. C.Field. Submarines at la Rochelle, 1627. 191

Q126. C.Field. Hedgehogs - 1543. 191

Q. LR. Hamble - old ship in mud in local folklore [ie HGaD]. 319

Vol. 2, 1912

H.H.Brindley. Mediaeval ships. pt V, 1-6, 44-52, 129-134, 166-173, 239-243.

R.M.Blomfield. Man of war boats II 7-9. (see also Vol.1.)

L.G. Carr Laughton. Auguste Jal. 14-19

J.G.Broodbank. The Howland Great Wet Dock [London]. 53-6

J.Sottas. Guillaume le Testu and his work. 65-75 and see 77-8

J.Sottas. Atlas of Drake's last voyage. 135-142

R.M.Nance. A 16th century sea monster. 97-104

Gregory Robinson and R.C.Anderson. Identification of models of men of war. 142-6, 164-6, 193-5, 236-8, 264-6, 340-1.

R.M.Nance and R.C.Anderson. A 16th century ship of Lubeck. 152-3

R.M.Nance. A trader and a man of war, late 14th century. 174-6

L.McCormick-Goodhart. Notes on the diary of Henry Teonge. 181-4, 216-7.

W.G.Perrin. The diary of Henry Teonge. 257-263

R.M.Nance. Trows past and present. 201-5

G.Callender. Wyngaerde's map of London [1540's]. 206-9, & see 316, 378-9

R.M.Nance. Some old time ship pictures. [1= kraek of WA]. 225-232, 309-315

A.Moore. Rigging of the 17th century. 267-274, 301-8

LG Carr Laughton. "ON". 275-280.

R.M.Nance. Early chain wales. 283-4

G.Crone. The ships of Maso Finiguerra [Florentine]. 294-300, 328-334, 371-7.

G.Robinson. The mediaeval artist - his value as a witness in nautical affairs. 353-8


A126. Hedgehog [powder explosion on boat in Thames 1545]. 59

A171. master gunner. 171

Q52. R.C.Anderson. A folio by Sir A.Deane, ex-Evelyn. 160

A folio - = Pepys MS 2910. 189

Q93. Light Horseman. 288 (cf later queries !!)

Vol. 3, 1913

A.Moore. Rigging in the seventeenth century - sails. 7-13.Running 328-336

H.H.Brindley. Mediaeval ships. contd. 14-17, 337-340.

G.Robinson & R.C.Anderson. Identification of models of men of war. contd. 18-19.

W.G.Perrin. Document: ornamentation of men of war 1703. 20-1.

R.M.Nance. Northern ships of ca 1340. 33-9.

R.C.Anderson. Big ships in history. 43-45.

R.Morton Nance. Some old time ship-pictures. Contd: 2 15thC fishing vessels. 65-70; 6. A group of Florentines [1470] 238-245, 276-9.

H.H.Brindley. A ship of Hans Burgkmair [ca 1511]. 81-4+plate

G.Callender. The ship in the Jerusalem window. 97-103

R.C.Anderson. The Royal Sovereign of 1637. 109-112, 168-170+plates, 208-211

R.M.Nance. The Ark Royal. 138-142

W.G.Perrin. Diary of H.Teonge contd. 143-6.

R.Morton Nance. A hanseatic bergentrader of 1489. 161-7+plate

H.S.Vaughan. The Nodal caravels of 1618 [Porte]. 171-3

W.G.Perrin. Document. Seamen's clothes [1623]. 178-9 & [1627] 216 & [1628] 246-7 & [1638] 280-2.

G.Callender. A mediaeval ship [picture] in the Ashmolean. 198-203.

J.Hagg. Some details from the model of the Swedish 50-gun ship Amaranthe [1653]. 204-207

D.Hannay. Ralegh's Orders [1617]. 212-5

C.H.Firth. Papers relating to the Navy in the Bodleian Library. 225-9.

H.S.Vaughan. The whipstaff. 230-7

R.M.Nance. Caravels. 265-271.

R.C.Anderson. The Prince Royal and other ships of James I. 272-5+plates & 305-7+plates; 341-.

R.M.Nance. Sea-stones and killicks in west Cornwall. 295-303

L.G.Carr Laughton. The ship-models of Phineas Pett [from Journal] 308-9


C.F. Mediaeval shipping in Scottish heraldry. 26-7

H.H.Brindley. Trow. 27-8.

M.R.C. William Canynges ships [1474]. 57. see also HHB 346-7

H.T.A.B. Compass points. [19thC]. 58-9

R.H. Tonnage [1711]. 89

R.C.Anderson. The whipstaff [models ca 1690]. 89-90.

R.M.Nance. Spritsails. 122-3.

G.Robinson. Rigging mysteries. 123-4.

R.C.Anderson. Big ships in history - correction. 124

Various. Skeg. 148

F.K.I. Trow. 149

R.C.A. Guns of Adler of Lubeck. 153. see also 222, 250, 284, 345.

H.H.Brindley. Trow 153-4

R.M.Nance. Trow. 186

R.M.Nance. Trows. 219-20.

R.M.Nance. Ships in a 15thC Froissart ms. 182-4.

R.M.Nance. The ships of Maso Finiguerra. 184-5

G.Callender. Bi-lobular sails [Chios 1500]. 186

R.C.Anderson. Santissima Trinidad [1769]. 249

W.S. The early steamer [explosion]. 252

R.M.Nance. Chain-cables. 1513. 284-5

W.B[oultbee].W[hall]. Bellying of 15thC sails. 347-8

G.Callender. A battleship of the Renaissance [bench-end]. 363-371

R.C.Anderson. A French warship built in Holland 1626. plate fp76


73.1912. Early Royal yachts [Fubbs]. R.C.A. 60.

10.1912. Steamer engine orders. WBW, R.C.A. 61

- Pett family [16th]. G.R. 61.

5. Spritsails. R.M.N.155-7

38. Portuguese squadron. J.K.L. 188, R.C.A. 223

44. Launching. H.H.B. 189-190, 253


38. A Portuguese squadron at Portsmouth 1793. R.C.A. 95

44. Launching - why stern first. H.H.B. 128

70. The Great Michael. 1511. J.L. 255

75. Foreign timber in English ships. J.L. 256

100. Chain defence for ports [cf booms] 350.

Vol. 4, 1914

R.M.Nance. Terradas and talismans. 3-13

G.Robinson. The development of the capital ship. 14-19

A.Moore. Accounts and inventories of John Starlying - Henry IV. 20-6, 167-.

H.S.Vaughan. Figureheads and beakheads of the ships of Henry VIII. 37-43

H.H.Brindley. Two ships on bench-ends. 44-49.

W.B.Whall. The Great Harry. 65-9. see also 117-8

G.Robinson, R.C.Anderson. The identification of models of men of war. 69-72.

R.M.Nance. The Marsilian. [Venetian merchant type] 77-81. see also 152. 210-1.

G.C.E.Crone. Model of the Hollandia of 1664-83. 106-9

H.H.Brindley. Mediaeval ships, contd. 110-4, 129-133.

H.S.Vaughan. Whipstaff contd. 133-144.

W.G.Perrin. Document: Seamen's clothes 1656. 148-150

W.B.Whall. Ships of 1529 [bellying sails, Porte charts etc] 174-8

A.B.Wood. The laws of Oleron. 195-9

R.M.Nance. A great Dane of 1600. 225-232+plate.

G.Callender. The Budleigh bench-end. 236-248 Balbian Verster. Japanese print of Dutch East Indiaman. 257-260+plate.

A.Moore. Seventeenth century rigging. conts 260-265.

R.M.Nance. Some old-time ship pictures contd. 275-282

R.M.Nance. A primitive western type [barc-] 304-11


R.C.A. Scots Navy. [St Michael sold to France 1512]. 29-30

R.M.N. XVthC sails. 51-2

R.M.N. Saint Louis of Hondius. 52 + plate fp33

R.M.N. An English ship's side shelf. 55 see also 153

R.C.Anderson. Orlop and koebrug. [deck heights] 84 see also 151.

R.C.Anderson. Trows. 85-6

R.M.Nance. Tile-ship at the Rijksmuseum + 16thC ship. 118-121

W.S. Rations in an East Indiaman 1698. 121

R.C.Anderson. Document. Couronne 1638. 206-8, 312-3

A.M. Trows - [photo square sail under Clifton bridge]. 213

R.C.A. Second edition of Witsen [incl Russian]. 214

R.C.Anderson. [French] caravel [Cowdray engraving top left 1545]. 282

F.C.P.Naish. Ancient marine laws. 283-4


94-1912. Registry of shipping. 1698 Act. 88-9

38-1913. Portuguese squadron in England. 218.

46 Scheltbemes and kelsweyn. 287


65. Gun-ports. 1493 seal Maximilian of Burgundy - six low ports ?? 319. H.H.B

Vol. 5, 1919

R.Morton Nance. British ships through Dutch spectacles. [including at p4 correction by Jal of 1836 Portuguese dictionary deriving bergantim from barca]. 3-9

R.C.Anderson. Some heresies with regard to decks. 10-15

R.C.Anderson. A Mediterranean Album of shipping. pp 25-6, 56-7, 189-190, and Vol 6. 315. Includes barco de Ericeira (p 190).

A.H.Moore. Some XVth C ship pictures (ca 1450 ?). pp 15-20. (includes northern 3-mast with lateen mizzen. see also MM Vol 63).

G.Callender. Miches, capsquares and trunnion bands. 34-45. see also 124

C.G,'t Hooft. The first English yachts, 1660. 108-123

R.M.Nance. The Grand Louise drawing. [ca 1500]. 142-9

R.C.Anderson. Models: some confirmation and a recantation. 149-153.


L.G.Carr Laughton. Document. The inventory of the Great Bark 1531. 21-2. see also 92.

EPP. Some Eastern craft [Indian ocean]. 23

R.Morton Nance. Mahona [arab boat] 24-5. see also R.C.ANDERSON, 59.

R.C.Anderson. Breech-loading guns [- to 40 lbs, 17thC]. 26

W.G.Perrin. Document: Navy Board letter 1716 - models in dockyards. 56.

var. Sovereign of the Seas. 125-6, 127-8


64, 1911. posaberga. R.C.Anderson, p 28.

159.1911. half-ports. F.K.Ingram. 62

Vol. 6, 1920

F.C.Prideaux Naish. Extracts from a slaver's log [Guinea coast-Jamaica etc, ca 1700]. pp 3-10, 40-43.

G.Robinson. The ancient breech-loading gun: a plea for better designed pigeon-holes. p 10-14. [whimsical: includes lessons of First World War].

R.C.Anderson. Jal's Memoire No 7 [section of Roccafortis]. 18-20

R.M.Nance. Fresh light on Terradas and Gelves [Indian Ocean]. 34-39

G.Robinson. The development of the capital ship - II. 44-50. see also 122-3

W.G.Perrin. Early naval ordnance [1580's lists]. 51-3

A.Moore. Craft of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. pp 73-5, 98-105, 136-142 [incl karib].

H.H.Brindley. Early reefs [in sails]. pp77-85. plus note by R.Morton Nance, pp85-6.

J.Sottas. Early yachts. [incl 2 to Versailles overland]. 115-9. see also R.C.Anderson 219-20+plate.

R.C.Anderson. Two new sets of fighting instructions [ca 1670]. 130-135.

R.M.Blomfield. British naval flags of command [17thC]. 207-212.

A.Moore. A barge of Edward III, [1373]. 229-242.

G.A.Ballard. Transporting the obelisks at Karnak. 264-273, 307-314.

R.C.Anderson. Henry VIII's Great Galley. 274-281

G.E.Manwaring. An unknown painting of the Sovereign of the Seas [Castro]. 290-2. see also RMN/RCA, 344-6

R.C.Anderson. More heresies about decks. 329-332.

J.Leyland. Adriatic weather rhymes. 355-359.

A.B.Wood. The Mediterranean galley and her rig. 360-364.

R.C.Anderson. The Prince Royal of 1610. 365-8+plates.


R.C.Anderson. The Grace Dieu 1446-1486. 22-4.

FLR/JSC/CLS etc. Early breech-loading guns. 120-1, 184-5

R.C.Anderson. Armaments in 1540. 281.

Ailsa/Owen. ballast dredging. 123-4

W.G.Perrin. Document. Regulations about salutes 1702. 156-7

HHB. Bowges [in sails]. 158

R.C.Anderson. Guns at Tangiers [includes drawing of Portuguese gun - selavagem: cf Valdez dos Santos article]. pp 246-8.

W.G.Perrin. Early naval ordnance [lists 1585 ships]. Note. pp 51-3.

R.C.Anderson. Armaments in 1540. [lists of royal ships]. Note. p 281

R.C.Anderson. The raising of the chain-wales. 1702. 217

H.S. Some XVI century Mediterranean craft [incl chain at Rhodes]. 250-1

E.A.Dingley. The Ozannes. 379-80.


A65, 1914. gun-ports. R.C.Anderson 124.

Q.81. Ship of 1523. p 319. By G.E.Manwaring. [ship of Templars ?]

A.38, 1911. Portuguese squadron in England, 1793. By T.V. cf Vol.III, p188

Q33. Skyrasas. what type, HH. 64

A33. Skyrasas. R.C.A 89

Q67. Cordeliere, 1512. 224.

Q81. A ship of 1523 [Templar's Rhodes ship - lead sheathed]. GEM. 319

Q82. French gun of 1627 [800lbs, firing 150lbs !]. GEM. 319.

Vol. 7, 1921

H.S.Vaughan. The East India Company & Interlopers [18thC]. pp 19-21.

G.E.Cooper. Sidelights on the Slave Trade [1788]. pp 34-7.

R.C.Anderson. Comparative Naval Architecture, 1670-1720, Part I, pp 38-45; II pp 172-181; III, pp 308-315.

G.Robinson, The development of the capital ship, III, pp 108-117.

F.Bernelle. Pierre Puget. pp 168-171.

H.T.A.Bosanquet, The maritime school at Chelsea [18thC]. pp 322-9

R.C.Anderson. More doubts about decks. [incl.ref to Madre Deus, 1592]. pp 362-7.

R.Morton Nance. Some ships of 1541-2 [English, on map of Calais]. pp 368-373 + plates incl fp353.


H.E.Purey-Cust. The Station Pointer. p 118.

B.G.C. Palella de servar [catalan= palo de servicio - spare spar]. p 152.

W.H.Ogilvie. Drogues for use in a tidal river [incl India]. p 153.

H.H.Brindley. Nacelle, navette & nef, pp 220-1.

A.Balsen. Ancient guns [Spanish ex-Armada, at Calais ?]. p251.


G de Artiñano. La Arquitectura Naval Española...Madrid 1920. p32.

J.Hornell. The common origin of the outrigger canoes of Madagascar and East Africa. 1920. p 63-4 By H.H.Brindley.

J.Hornell. The origins and ethnological significance of Indian boat designs. p 64. By H.H.Brindley.

F.L.Robertson, The evolution of naval armament [very rude !]. p 254, by R.C.Anderson


21. F.L.R. Breech loading and other guns [16thC]. p 93.

Vol. 8, 1922

A.B.Wood. The Llibre de Consolat. pp 19-25.

A.R.G.McMillan, "An abridgement of all sea-laws". [ref Mare liberum]. pp 276-280.

G.E.Manwaring. Dress of British seamen ...till 1600. pp 324-333.


W.S[alisbury]. The Llibre de Consolat. pp 90-1. see also A.B.Wood, pp 148-9.


Sotheran, Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica, 2 vols London 1921 [incl nautical]. pp 64-5, by H.H.Brindley.

A.Anthiaume. Le navire, sa construction en France..... Paris 1922. p65. By H.H.B.

C.T.Ricardo. Brazilian State barge. p 149. [ref to photograph of recent use. 1936??? pencil note in volume]

C.E.Eldred. The first circumnavigation [origin of recent models of Victoria] 287

G.E.Crone and GRC. Mtepe of East Africa. [Zanzibar - prows, etc; ref to Feb 1920]. p 317

W.L.Wyllie. Capstan Yard. 180 [Portsmouth chain, ref Cowdray drg]


A39 (1913). H Szymanski. An early German fleet. p 126. [Duke Jacob of Kurland: colony 1654 St Andreas, Guinea coast, and Tobago.] See also p 187: Courland = Polish/Lithuanian.

A18. Compass markings. F.Debenham, J.C.Lloyd, A.O Claughton. [fleur –de- lis origin, ref to Portuguese first use, Naples 1302, etc] pp 157-8.


27. Phillimore. Mediaeval Spanish vessels. [type names in Ibaniz]. p 128.

39. R.S.Bruce. Dress of seamen of Spanish armada [knitting patterns Fair Isle]. p223

48. Constant Reformation - chaplain. [sank 1651 off Azores]. C.F. p 253.

Vol. 9, 1923

W.G.Perrin. Notes on the development of bands in the RN [from 12thC]. pp2-10, 46-7, 78-83, and four other parts for progressively later material. Also: LGCL on shanties].

I.G.Powell. Early ship surgeons [17thC]. pp 11-15, and Note, pp 212-3. See also notes by L.G.Carr Laughton p 122 and G.E.Manwaring, pp215-6.

G.Callender. Fresh light on Drake. pp 16-28.

G.Callender. Our Lady of the Good Wind. [Prado:16thC]. pp 55-6 and pl.facing p33. see also notes by R.C.Anderson, R.M.Nance, p 119.

A.P.Newton. Auditing of Navy Accounts under Edward IV [Document, 1482]. pp56-8.

L.G.Carr Laughton. The great ship of 1419 [Bayonne, cf Madre de Deus]. pp 83-7.

L.G.Pritchard. Chinese junks [Keying 1806-1912, incl compartments]. pp 89-91.

R.M.Nance. Some French carracks [15thC]. pp 130-6 and pl.facing p 128.

A.W.Reed. John Rastell's voyage [Newfoundland] in the year 1517. pp 137-147.

G.E.Manwaring. Dress of the British seaman - II. pp 162-173, III, pp 322-332.

F.L.Robertson. A transformation in armament [early 16thC]. pp 173-9.

F.E.Dyer. Drake's voyage of circumnavigation. pp 194-201.

I.A.Donnelly. Foochow pole junks. pp 236-231.

C.Field. Santa Anna [1530]- early armourclad. pp 354-8.

F.Moll. The navy of the province of Fukien [1850 - drawings of ships and labelled parts]. pp 364-376.

G.E.Manwaring. The safeguard of the sea [document 1442]. pp 376-9.


G.Callender and W.G.Perrin. Society for improvement of naval architecture. p88.

C.K. Santa Maria [various models for 1892]. p 246. Also notes pp 342,380.

R.C.Anderson. Bow view of the "kraek" [15thC]. p 283, plate facing p 282. see also note R.M.N, pp 341-2.


R.C.Anderson. Guns and breechings [Manwaring - not for recoil]. No 60. p 254 see answers pp 314-5.

Answer. Compass markings/fleur de lis [Indian lotus] G.E.Manwaring, p 62.

Vol. 10, 1924

G.A.Ballard, The navigators of the Indian Ocean prior to the era of European domination, pp 108-123.

G.A.Ballard, The arrival of the white man in the Eastern seas, pp 267-288.

G.A.Ballard, The first plan of European dominion in the Indian Ocean, pp 335-354.

I.A.Donnelly. River craft of the Yangtszekiang. pp 4-16.

R.C.Anderson. Early books on shipbuilding and rigging. pp 53-64.

M.D.Brindley. Canoes of British Guiana [incl Brazil]. pp 124-132 and 307-8.

H.S.Vaughan. Santo Cristo of Lepanto. pp 324-334

B.M.H.Rogers. Dampier's voyage of 1703. pp 366-381.


R.C.Anderson. Decks of the kraek [15thc]. p89, also R.Morton Nance pp 304-5.

G.Artinaño, R.C.Anderson, R.M.Nance. Santa Anna [1530]. plate facing p 105, pp 212-4. also C.Field and H.S.Vaughan, pp 305-7.

H.H.Brindley. Mediaeval two masted ships. pp 215-6.

B.Glanville Corney. HMS Endeavour [Cook-1768] and foreign suspicion [Porte]. pp 289-292.

R.C.Anderson. The Swedish Stora Krafvel [1532]. pp 388-9.


R.C.Anderson. Two masted ships 15thC. p95, plate facing 95. and R.M.Nance, pp 309-310.


J.Hornell, Origin of Chinese junks and sampans [incl. ref to Brazilian jangadas], Jnl Asiatic Soc Bengal 1922. by HHB. pp 316-7.

By HHB: "The Great Michael" [1511]. The Rock, Dumbarton Works Magazine. p416.

Vol. 11, 1925

L.G.Carr Laughton. The study of ship models. 4-28+plates see also RCA 208-9

E.W.H.Fyers. The story of the machine vessels. 51-90.

R.C.Anderson. Italian naval architecture about 1445. 135-163.

A.W.Johns. Sir Anthony Deane. 164-193.

G.Robinson. Some forgotten chapters in naval history. 194-202.

V.K.Ting. Things produced by the works of nature [Chinese shipbuilding 1639]. 234-250.

N.Macleod. The shipwrights of the Royal Dockyards. 276-291

N.Macleod. Shipwright officers of the Royal Dockyards. 355-369

R.Morton Nance. Stone carved ships in Brittany. 292-300.

H.R.H.Vaughan. The old dockyard at English harbour, Antiga. 301-306

G.Stretton. An Earl's voyages in the late 14th century - accounts. 307-315.

I.A.Donnelly. Early Chinese ships and trade. 344-354.

L.G.Carr Laughton. HMS Britannia, 1700. 392-410.

F.E.Dyer. Burghley's notes on the Spanish Armada. 419-424

G.A.Ballard, The War of the Arabian Sea, 1508-9, pp 29-49.

G.A.Ballard, Albuquerque's operations on the Western seaboard of India, pp 116-134.

G.A.Ballard, The maritime expeditions of Albuquerque after the capture of Goa, pp 251-275.

G.A.Ballard, The century of Portuguese supremacy in the Indian Ocean, pp 370-391.


E.M.Little. The Santa Anna [re purpose of lead]. 92-3, see also 328

-. Ancient craft in Los Angeles harbour. 97-8

G.A.B. Primitive square rig [Irrawaddy]. 100-2, see also 329

R.C.Anderson. The Cuckfield Britannia model. 206-8, see also 327

G.C.E.Crone. The Folly [CII yacht]. 209-10

Van Nouhuys. Early yachts in England [1661-2]. 212-4+plates

LGCL. Under rothir - tidal phrase. 216

C.A.J.Skeel. References to ships in early English wills. 316-7.

P.L. A floating dock, 1745. 429-30.

R.Morton Nance. A 15th century windlass. 432-4. see also Vol.12,p97

HRHV. The island of Juan Fernandez. (+Selkirk=R.Crusoe), 435+platefp355.

R.C.Anderson. The date of the Great Dane. 439. [1620 not 1600 ?]


Q3. Early maps [crescent shapes in mappa mundi]. M.C.A. 104

A40. 1924. Primitive square rig. RCA 218; T.R.Beaufort [list of Indian types]. 218-220.

Vol. 12, 1926

H.H.Brindley. Early pictures of lateen sails. 9-22+plates

J.Hornell. Edye's account of Indian and Ceylon vessels in 1833. 45-68. [incl ref to Porte]

G.A.Ballard. The arrival of the Dutch and British in the Indian Ocean. 69-94.

G.A.Ballard. The downfall of Portugal in the East. 169-195

G.A.Ballard. The effect of the Anglo-Dutch wars of the 17th C on Indian Ocean developments. 264-88.

G.A.Ballard. The general situation in the Indian Ocean during the early Georgian period. 375-95.

G.A.Kempthorne. Sir John Kempthorne and his sons [Pepys etc]. 289-317

J.G.Bullocke. Capt.Tyrrell and the East India Company. 318-323

W.G.Perrin. The Lord High Admiral and the Board of Admiralty. 117-144.

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MM17 Convertine sold to Portugal

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