TATRA from Czechoslovakia

Tatra are one of the oldest surviving car manufacturers in the world. They have a long history of innovation, and still exist today producing their own unique trucks.

Many of the unique and innovative features of Tatras are the work of Hans Ledwinka who designed many of the cars produced before W.W II. Many of the features of Ledwinka's designs are still in use today.

Tatra T12 from the late 1920s featuring a 1056cc flat twin air-cooled engine and a backbone chassis with independant suspension.

Tatra T30 from the late 1920s featuring a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder air-cooled engine of 1680cc, backbone chassis, and independant suspension.

Pre War Tatra T87 featuring a 2968cc air-cooled overhead cam V8 engine mounted in the rear and an advanced aerodynamic body



1950s Tatra T600 (Also known as the Tatraplan). Rear mounted 2 litre air-cooled flat four engine in another advanced aerodynamic body.

The Tatraplan proved so popular that additional production was carried out by the Skoda factory.


1960s Tatra T603. Rear mounted 2.5 litre V8 air-cooled engine. Again using an aerodynamic body style.



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1990 Tatra T613-3

This car has a 3.5 litre V8 four overhead camshaft air-cooled engine mounted above the rear wheels ! With this car Tatra perfected the rear engine configuration and produced a car with no handling vices.

More Info on Tatra T613

MTX V8 - Czech built supercar using Tatra T613 engine. Yes! this car was designed and built in a Communist country. A newer (post communist era) version is believed to be in production by Laurin and Klement in the Czech Republic.
MTX V8 with door open
MTX V8 in black !

1994 Tatra T613-5. Tatra used British expertise to update the T613. Major improvements were made to the engine (Fuel injection, engine management computer, increased power), suspension, and to the levels of trim and standards of finish. The example pictured here is one of a few right hand drive cars made for the UK market.

The last Tatra car was the T700 which was developed from the T613-5. This car features improved styling, and was available built to order to the customers specification. Body styles include the standard 4 door (pictured here), LWB version, and 2 door Coupe. Engine options were from 3.5 litres to 4.5 litres, air cooled, 4 OHC V8. Power from 230BHP upwards.

More info about the T700

The T700 was further developed and the 1998 version featured a restyled rear end.

Record breaking, highly tuned, T700 Coupe built by Eccora in Czech Republic

Since the year 2000 Tatra have been taken over first by the American firm SDC and then by Terex. The last cars were made in 2000, when it was decided to concentrate on the Truck business. The trucks feature a backbone chassis with all independant suspension, and all wheel drive. This makes them particularly good for all terrain use. Their high performance over rough ground makes them a popular choice for truck trials and events such as the Paris Dakar Rally where they are consistant strong finishers in the truck section with many first, second and third places

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