My Pinups In Shiny Clothes.

Hello, I'm Patty (that's me above). I have many hobbies but one of my favourites is painting.
I love trying to re-create the great American pinup girl artists of the 1940's - 50's, such as
Petty, Varga, Thompson, Elvgren etc. I adore wearing vintage clothing myself, and have a
large collection of dresses, shoes, pvc raincoats and sheer nylon lingerie etc. So..... here I
am drawing and painting my ladies with elegant, saucy and risque style clothing!
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"Jessica Rabbit In a Clear Plastic Dress"
Jessica dressed in nothing else but a glass-clear pvc dress, high heel shoes and velvet elbow length gloves.

"Corsets Christmas!"
Shiny satin red & black corset, suspenders, stockings and shiny high heel shoes.

"Christmas Cracker!"
Glamour girl dressed in a seasonal sparkly red satin side split dress with
white fur trim, matching hat, silk stockings and red patent high heel shoes.

"Jessica Rabbit Busty Latex Rain Girl"
Dressed in a shiny black PVC mackintosh, with a transparent
plastic umbrella and black patent high heel ankle boots.

"Pvc French Maid"
Dressed in a shiny black PVC French maid outfit,
silk stockings with lace garter and high heel shoes.

"Jessica Rabbit Busty Latex Catwoman"
Dressed in a shiny black rubber catsuit and
mask and black patent high heel shoes.

"Christmas Stocking Filler!"
Dressed in a sheer nylon cape with fur trim, silk
stockings, suspenders with holly trim, and high heels.

"Exotic Hula Girl"
Wearing nothing but a grass skirt and a shy smile!

"Memphis Belle - George Petty Fan Art "
This is my tribute to the great American pinup artist George Petty, whose
"Memphis Belle" was the nose art on a famous B17 bomber of WW2. I have kept as
near as possible to the colours and lines of the original and I hope I have done him justice.

"Sheer Nylon Nightie"
One of my ladies wearing a fur trimmed nylon nightie, tight corset and high heels.

"A cure For All Ailments!"
My Jessica, complete with transparent plastic
apron, red rubber gloves and rubber stockings.

"Are My Seams Straight?"
Rear shot of one of my ladies dressed in black panties, stockings
and suspenders, pulling up her see through plastic raincoat.

"Jessica Rabbit Halloween Witch"
Dressed in a pvc corset and skirt, rubber gloves, suspenders
and silk stockings...... complete with witches hat and broom.

"Naked Lady In Glass Clear Plastic Mac"
...... showing off her shapely bottom ;-)

"Glamour Girl In Lingerie"
I painted this lady in her lingerie..... a sheer nylon cape
with fur trim, seamed stockings and suspenders.

"Busty Latex Police Woman"
My Jessica Rabbit dressed in a blue rubber police woman uniform with
matching rubber stockings and high heels..... truncheon in hand!

"Miss April Showers"
I really enjoyed painting this happy lady in her blue PVC skirt and
top, clear plastic rainmac and matching rainhat and umbrella.... not
forgetting her silk stockings and shiny blue patent 6" high heel shoes!

"Sheer Nylon Dreamgirl"
I gave this pinup gil an unusual pose and dressed her in a soft sheer nylon
teddy and peignoir neglige with matching transparent plastic shoes.

"Latex Rubber Naughty Nurse!"
My busty Jessica Rabbit again, the famous sexy cartoon pinup girl. I have dressed her in a latex
nurse outfit with see through plastic apron, blue rubber gloves, nylon stockings and stiletto shoes.
Armed with a syringe, she is ready to give some poor soul a painful injection!.... BEND OVER!

"Saucy Rainy Day Pinup Girl"
Showing her naked Ass- etts! (pardon the pun!) through her clear yellow PVC Mackintosh,
with matching sou'wester rain hat, black silk stockings and plastic shoes with glass clear heels.

"Catsuit and Raincoat Vixen"
Here is my Jessica Rabbit again. This time in a skin tight shiny red latex catsuit
with matching high heel shoes and a smooth glass clear short plastic raincoat.

"Plastic and PVC Fashion Girl"
Dressed in a shiny blue side split skirt and top and matching
plastic shoes, and a clear vinyl rain slicker!.... Shiny Lady!

"Sheer Beauty Raincoat Miss!"
Another pinup girl I enjoyed composing and designing. A long legged naked blonde in a green
soft and supple, two tier, flared plastic mac with flower motif, and silk stockings which can
be seen through her transparent raincoat.... and of course, shiny black patent high heels!

"Temptress In a Raincoat"
Showing off her tight latex waist cinching corset and suspenders and
seamed nylon stockings, through her silky soft, shiny clear plastic mac.

"Fetish Fashion Fantasy Girl"
I painted this vintage style pinup girl in a skin tight latex rubber
catsuit, a glass clear pvc raincoat and black shoes.

"Risque Raingirl"
This one is another "Petty style" girl, totally naked underneath her shiny transparent
plastic mac. I have also given her a matching see thru umbrella and clear vinyl rainboots.

Here is one of my shapely models dressed in a very tight, soft and sensual see through
latex rubber dress...... showing off her sexy bottom and red high heel shoes.

"Sexy Shoes"
Jessica showing off her sexy shoes while sitting in a glass stilletto.

I'll be adding more of my ladies as I draw them so keep calling back...... Patty

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