Here is a book cover that my friend Su designed for My stories!

Thank you SU!

Kawasaki Cath's Cuties come to live with Gypsy Rosa-Su, Gypsy Elise and friends.
Scrappy and Leo get gifts from Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon!

With thanks to:
Su.....for Rosa-Su the lovely Gypsy girl and the book covers.

Vicky ......made Scrappy as a gift. She also made 3 beautiful potion/ perfume bottles!

Nanna Val..... hand painted and sent a watering can , a photo frame with Maxie in it ,
made Fifi the Poodle as a gift,sent Foxy Lady a painted jug and Saucy Squirrel.

Bambi......bought a lovely trinket box and inside is a gypsy crystal ball. Also a brass storm lamp
an oil lamp, a canal ware bucket and a milk churn (and a Gypsy story book for Gypsy Patty!)

Elayne and Elise.....For Elise's new caravan, Tiny the Yorkshire terrier, Pixie and Dixie the two kittens,
A tea cup, saucer and plate with Yorkies on them, a Gypsy caravan scene doggy blanket,
Quackers the Duck, Goldie the Mrs chicken ,Cluck the Mr Chicken and Tarot cards!

Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon for making a food bowl for Scrappy and a Feed bag for Leo!

Kawasaki Cath for making Ed, Chet and Able. 3 adorable tame rats!

Without their kindness this story would not have been possible! Thank you to our dear friends!!

Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny say


In this set Of Photos of Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su watching their lovely pets play in the snow you will see some NEW FRIENDS which are introduced................


Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su made a duck pond for Quackers the duck to swim in and the
other pets to bathe in.
It has been very cold and has snowed over night and the pond has frozen over!.......


"Good morning" said Elise to Rosa-Su as she came into Rosa-Su's caravan.
"It is so cold today , there is snow on the ground, and the pond we made
for Quackers has frozen over!" said Rosa-Su.
"Never mind , we will sort a big bowl of water for our little Quckers!" said Elise.
Rosa- Su said to Elise," I have had a parcel today in it was two lovely hand made gifts,
a feed bag for leo and a special food bowl for Scrappy with his name on.
Scrappy has a drink from his new bowl!
Kaitlyn and her Nannie Sharon Kindly made them!
Thank you to Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon for your very special gifts!
Scrappy and Leo love them!


The Gypsy girls pets play happily in the snow!
"Oh! Rosa-Su I forgot to tell you. My aunty Patty has bought me a Shire horse
just like your Leo and she is sending us a little Owl called Ollie to live with us!
The woodsman will be bringing them today!
My Shire is called Blossom, and the Owl is called Ollie!" Rosa-Su looked excited!
"Ollie was born in the stable where Blossom came from," said Elise.


Rosa-Su and Elises little friends don't mind the pond being frozen because
all they want to do is play in the snow!
Rosa-Su put some food in the beautiful hand made feed bag Kaitlyn made and fed Leo.
Leo is pleased with the bag and happily eats his breakfast!


A big picture of Leo with his lovely feed bag! Leo says "Thank you" to Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon.


Elise heard the woodsman call, "Gypsy Elise, I have brought your Shire and she
has a little friend with her!" Also Here is a box from Kawasaki Cath!


Gypsy Elise reached up to Blossom, stroked her and whispered," Hello Blossom,
I do hope you will like living with us and our little pet friends and of course ,
Rosa-Su's shire, Leo!" On Blossoms back is Ollie the little Owl. Ollie is very tired
Rosa-Su said to Elise, "I will feed Ollie and Blossom while you look in the box"


Looking in the package from Cath, Elise found a note and 3 cute , friendly tame rats
Here is the note


"Oh! Look at these little cuties, they are adorable and so tame!" said Elise.
Cath has bred them specially and she has called them "Rattus Kawasakius Pettus Pattius"
and certified disease & bug free! The little rats were sniffing at Elise's hands as she was gently stroking them
"They need names so I shall call them Chet, Ed, and Able!" said Elise.
"The weather is far too cold for them to sleep outside, so I shall let them sleep
in their box by the side of the stove where they will be nice and cozy." she added.

Introducing............Ed, Able and Chet!! Three beautiful tame baby rats!! Saucy Squirrel is looking too!!


Rosa-Su has brought Leo (who has his feed bag) to meet Blossom and Ollie
"Look Elise! They seem to like each other!" said Rosa-Su.
"Yes, Rosa-Su They do like each other! We shall get a blanket and cover Blossom
for the night and the two shires can sleep together between our caravans
and keep each other nice and warm!" Said Elise.


All is quiet outside in the evening..............Leo and his new friend Blossom. And that is where we leave our Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su. The two shires, Ollie and all the other little pet friends..................All settling down for the night. Good night to all........................Good night!


And that is where we leave Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su for now..........
See you all soon!

See you all again soon! little Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny says
Good night Elise.....
Good night Shelby....
Good night kaitlyn....
Good night Ayesha.....
Good night Mathias, Raquel and baby leah!

Patty says Thank you to all my dear friends ............


I do hope you enjoyed our little story!!

I shall be taking more photos and telling more tales of Rosa Su , Elise ,Scrappy, Fifi, Pixie and Dixie Foxy Lady,the Snowman
and their four legged friends and two legged friends!!
I wonder what surprises lay ahead? I already know thought the storyteller:D

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