Here is a book cover that my friend Su designed for My stories!

Thank you SU!

Elayne's Cuties come to live with Gypsy Rosa-Su, Gypsy Elise and friends.
Hand made gifts from Vicky and Val!

With thanks to:
Su.....for Rosa-Su the lovely Gypsy girl and the book covers.

Vicky ......made Scrappy as a gift. She also made 3 beautiful potion/ perfume bottles!
also made the framed pictures and the beutiful bottles! I am sure the silver one
contains a potion!

Nanna Val..... hand painted and sent a watering can , a photo frame with Maxie in it ,
made Fifi the Poodle as a gift,sent Foxy Lady a painted jug and Saucy Squirrel. hay net,
raffia string-bedding, bail of straw

Bambi......bought a lovely trinket box and inside is a gypsy crystal ball. Also a brass storm lamp
an oil lamp, a canal ware bucket and a milk churn (and a Gypsy story book for Gypsy Patty!)

Elayne and Elise.....For Elise's new caravan, Tiny the Yorkshire terrier, Pixie and Dixie the two kittens,
A tea cup, saucer and plate with Yorkies on them, a Gypsy caravan scene doggy blanket,
Quackers the Duck, Goldie the Mrs chicken ,Cluck the Mr Chicken ,Tarot cards,Bambi the Deer,
Pip and Squeak Mice, ,Cindy the guinea pig, Peanut the Squirrel

Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon for making a food bowl for Scrappy and a Feed bag for Leo!

Kawasaki Cath for making Ed, Chet and Able. 3 adorable tame rats!

Without their kindness this story would not have been possible! Thank you to our dear friends!!

Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny say


In this set Of Photos of Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su with their lovely pets
we see some More NEW FRIENDS which are introduced, and some of Vicky's hand made
pictures , frames and bottles,and Vals haynets and straw bale!
A quick thanks to BAMBI for some ideas with the next few stories!!


Elise is looking at her Tarot cards (from Elayne) and Rosa-Su is gazing into her
crystal ball, Rosa-Su looked up an smiled as she turned to Elise and said, "Have you seen
anything in your cards? I have seen something in my crystal ball! I Will tell you later."
"Well yes Rosa-su , I have seen something but, just want to look again later on ,
before I tell you." said Elise.


The woodsman has just delivered two letters, one to Rosa-su and one to Elise.
They are both reading their impotant looking letters.
The woodsman tells Elise he has brought a big parcel for her amd left it in here caravan!
Both letters are the same and ...................Rosa-Su said, "It seems the Lord
Charles Darnley, Earl of Gramont who owns Gramont House and all this estate , want's
to see us both soon for a chat about our future! It also says the meeting will be to our advantage
too!" Elise replied," Oh!good news then , I hope!"
" Oh , Yes I hoping it will be good news too." replied Rosa-Su.
Shall we go and feed our cute little family??


More snow this morning, better make sure all our little friends are clean, fed
and warm! Val has sent a good ammount of hay in haynets (which she has made and
filled with hay) a bale of straw and aunty Patty has made a nesting basket for
Ollie the owl with some raffia that Val also sent!


Elise and Rosa-Su have put new straw in the chickens barel, Foxy lady's little hut
and The ratties box to keep tem warm.
"Blossom and Leo look good together don't they?" said Rosa-Su. "Yes", Elise replied.
"I am expecting some more little friends to come and live with us very shortly,
Gypsy Elayne is sending a baby Deer called Bambi, a Squirrel called Peanut, 2 pet
white Mice called Pip and Squeak and a pet Guinea pic called Cindy!"Said Elise.


Here is the woodsman carrying Bambi the baby deer!
"Hello, Mr woodsman!!" said Elise. The woodsman said hello to the girls and Said,
"Little Bambi the baby deer and squirrel are very timid , but I am sure you two
girls will soon make him feel at home!" "We will!" said Elise. "Bambi and Peanut can take all the time he needs
to get to know us all."


Thank you so much Elayne for these cute little critters!
The tiny ones with short legs are safe on the sledge .....
Rosa-Su and Elise are so pleased and will take great care of them!


Gypsy Elise has opened her parcel and finds hand made framed pictures
of her great grandma and Grandpa and old family photographs, a Romai verse
and two beautiful bottles ........a potion and some perfume. All sent to her by Vicky!
Elise is so pleased with them!


Elise and Rosa-Su place the pictures on the wall of Elise's caravan.


"I am pleased my caravan is painted on the outside now and the steps too!
My Aunty Patty is going to make me some furnitureand my caravan will be finished!"
said Elise.

"Isn't nature and wild life wonderful?" said Elise "Yes", said Rosa-Su and Aunty Patty!


Rosa-Su said, "It will be Spring soon.........the earth will warm up, the flowers will
grow and bloom and the trees will blossom. This whole place will spring to life!
We will make some items to sell in the village and tell fortunes in the Tudor tavern.
The money will help feed our little sanctuary and put a little by for next winter "What did you see in your crystal ball?" said Elise. Rosa-Su replied, "A tall dark
stranger who was in the far distance a long way away. I think he must be the lord of this
estate.... and what did you see in your cards?" Elise replied....A birth!"


And that is where we leave our Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su. The two shires, Ollie and all the other Cute little pet friends and the new ones..................All settling down and snuggling up for the night. Good night to all........................Good night!


little Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny says
Good night Elise.....
Good night Shelby....
Good night kaitlyn....
Good night Ayesha.....
Good night Mathias, Raquel and baby leah!

Patty says Thank you to all my dear friends ............


I do hope you enjoyed our little story!!

See you all again soon! When we will learn why the Lord Charles Darnley, Earl of Gramont
Wants to see Rosa-Su and Elise for!

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