~~Introducing My Hand Dressed Victorian Dolls~~

"The Captain" aka Grandad Samuel Salt, who loves all things naval, ship shape and Nautical. Captain Salt has his very own steam launch.... In the photo he is sat in his favourite real leather chair and dressed in his captains uniform
made from cotton and gold braiding, playing the acordion I also made for him.

David Salt dressed in black cotton lined trousers and waistcoat with tiny buttons,
and underneath, a white cotton shirt.

Lizzie is David's wife, I have dressed her in a cotton lined taffeta dress with trim.

"Nanny Harvey".... I have dressed her in blue taffeta with cotton apron and headdress. The children ... Lillian I dressed in cotton polkadot with lace trim and felt poke bonnet with hand made trim. "Teddy" is the baby, I dressed in a little piece of broider englaise and ribbon.

Victoria Salt is the captains daughter, she plays the harp and piano.
I have made a cotton lined taffeta dress for her to wear.

The Captains wife Maude Salt, aka Granny . I made Granny's skirt and jacket from black cotton and
machine embroidered a trim , then sewn little black beads on it.
I made her hat from black felt and feathers.

Here is my Santa..... I dressed him in felt, faux fur, leather boots and leather gloves,
to complete his outfit he has a bag full of toys!

Here is my Bride..... I dressed her in a cotton lined satin dress, embroidered,net veil
and ribbons I also made her bouquet (the roses are made of ribbon)
I made her as a commision in 1999.