My Hand Dressed Tudor Character Dolls

Here is Ruth, dressed in her finest underwear with corset.

This is Lady Jane, dressed in red velvet with matching apron and bodice trimmed with gold chain.

This is Sir Philip De Abbeydale. I made his outfit from a suede-like fabric. His "tights" are
tubular finger bandage and I made his boots of real leather (from one of my old handbags!)

"John the archer". I dressed him in a cotton shirt and breeches with felt tunic, hat, belt and boots.
The tunic and boots are laced up with sewing cotton. The little bag on his belt is for his arrows.

"Tom the inn-keeper". He's dressed in a cotton shirt, breeches and
apron with felt tunic and boots. He serves a good flagon of ale!

"The Duke of Alverthorpe". I have dressed him in a leather hat, tunic and
boots with silk cape, shirt and breeches. His stockings are tubular bandage.

"Mrs Miggins" dressed in cotton with a wooly scarf. I'll explain how I made her hand cart
at a later date. The recipes for her pastries can be found in the "Miniature food" section.

"Lady Bessie" dressed in a silk dress and fancy apron with braiding, and matching headwear.

"Annie" the serving girl, dressed in cotton, lace and a felt bodice.

"The wood-cutter" in his work clothes. I dressed him with a wooly coat
over his shirt, felt short trousers and finger-bandage stockings.

"Lord Blackadder"...... dressed in a silk shirt and silk lower garments,
leather tunic, leather boots and a felt hat, all topped off with gold braiding.

"Blackadder's headless ghost!"...... Head in one hand and a pint of ale in the other!
Haunting his old bedroom! I did this image for a competition some years ago!

" Pegleg John the pirate!"...... reveals the location of a burried teasure chest to his great great grandson!!
Shall I show the photos of the chest being found????