The water wheel and spur

I made the water wheel, spur and axle with Balsa and cut the spur teeth with a small trianglar file.
I sized all the balsa with 50/50 PVA and water then after a light sanding, gave it 2 coats of stain varnish.
The water wheel alone contains around 200 cut pieces of balsa, the outside rims are each made from
8 segments to make the full circle. The axle 34 pieces and the spur around 20 pieces ,
the metal straps on the spur is aluminium lager can cut into thin strips.
This assembly took two attempts, after the first one failed and I began to wonder
if this project was at all possible and 10 weeks to complete.
Enough of statistics and doubts.......let's get on with it!!

After some more weeks of plotting , planning, cutting many more pieces with a craft knife
and a bit of good old fashioned "Dolls house talk!" (as my husband calls it!) LOL!...........
I got this far.......................Things are now looking up!
Main drive shaft, flywheel, spur gear, (which meshes with spur wheel to turn the main dive shaft)
cam rings (to trip the hammers), the supports for the hammers, the hammers and heads. On the end
of the main drive shaft is a guillotine which cuts metal into usable pieces.
Stage 2 will be .......Designing the House to fit the machinery................ Starting with a cardboard model!.

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