Miniature Tilt Forge

I designed and built this tilt forge from scratch with no plans or
instructions, just some photographs I took of a local 18th century tilt forge.
After deciding the sizes, my husband cut out the walls roof and base from MDF and I did the rest.
Inside the mill is a lot of machinery which I made from balsa. The water wheel I made from balsa also.
The machinery and wheel consists of between 800-900 pieces of wood!
It was the hardest project I have ever taken on...... but I got there in the end!
Why a tilt forge?

Here is the article about my tilt forge as shown in the Dollshouse and Miniatures magazine.

                                 First stage - making the wheel and mainshaft.

                                 Second stage - Building the design with cardboard.

                                 Third stage - Building the shell with MDF.

                                 Fourth stage - Sizing, painting ...... cooking and brewing!

                                 Fifth stage - Papering and checking sizes.

                                 Sixth stage - Final fitting..... the exciting bit!

                                 Seventh stage - Grinding trough.

                                 Eighth and final stage - At long last!