Here is a book cover that my friend Su designed for My stories!

Thank you SU!

Gypsy Rosa-Su, Elise Scrappy, Fifi, Pixie and Dixie at Christmas!

With thanks to:
Su.....for Rosa-Su the lovely Gypsy girl

Vicky ......made Scrappy as a gift. She also made 3 beautiful potion/ perfume bottles!

Nanna Val..... hand painted and sent a watering can , a photo frame with Maxie in it and made Fifi the Poodle as a gift .

Bambi......bought a lovely trinket box and inside is a gypsy crystal ball. Also a brass storm lamp
an oil lamp, a canal ware bucket and a milk churn (and a Gypsy story book for Gypsy Patty!)

Elayne.....Elise's new caravan, Tiny the Yorkshire terrier, Pixie and Dixie the two kittens,
A tea cup, saucer and plate with Yorkies on them and a Gypsy caravan scene doggy blanket!

Without their kindness this story would not have been possible! Thank you to our dear friends!!

Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny say



It is Christmas eve.
Rosa-Su and Elise are having a chat by their cosy stove. Tiny is sat on Elise's knee.
It is very cold outside and has started to snow. The kittens, Pixie and Dixie are playing on the bed.
Scrappy and Fifi are both snuggled up together asleep on the bed,
they have been busy today running around and having fun!


Christmas Day......
"OOOOH!! Santa has been!" Shouted Rosa-Su.
"Let's have a look at what he has left!" said Elise.
"There is 2 scarves, one for each of us, a beautifully painted bucket for fetching water for Leo,
a milk churn, some books, a fishing rod and a ball each for Fifi and Scrappy
Tiny is a small puppy and doesn't play with toys yet
There is also a brass storm lamp for checking on our horses at night!" said Rosa-Su.
"Santa is so kind to us," said elise and Rosa-su.


" My scarf is loveley," said Elise "So is mine," said Rosa-Su.
"Scrappy and Fifi are having fun with their toys aren't they?" said Elise.
"Yes," laughed Rosa- su.
Just then they heard a knock on the caravan door...............
"I wonder who it is," said Elise as she went to open the door..


"It is Santa," said Elise.
"Hello Santa, do come in and sit with us," said Elise
"Ho-Ho-Ho, Hello Rosa-Su and Elise, I just have time to show you something
my elves have been doing especially for Elise. Come and have a look outside!" said Santa.
Scrappy and Fifi were so tired and fell asleep on the bed until it is time for dinner!


Santa said,"My elves and Patty their Aunty have been busy painting your caravan,
they have also made you a stove to cook on and keep you and your little friends warm
and a cosy bed to sleep in. You are now Rosa-Su's next door neighbour!"
"Oh, Thank you so much dear Santa and please thank your elves too!" said Elise.


Look! is my lovely stove with our Christmas turkey already cooked!" said Elise.
Rosa-Su said,"I have made you some sheets , a pillow and a bedcover as a surprise!
More work is to be done on your caravan, but you can still live in it and do some
painting yourself if you like!"


Elise thanked Rosa-Su for making her bed covers.
Hung on the wall is a hand painted canvas of Your Grandma's old caravan." said Santa.
Elise was so happy and said, "Santa , your Elves and Rosa-Su have done so much for me and
made me so happy. I am so fortunate to have you as my dearest friends.
Thank you all so much!"
"Now open this lovely pink box," said Rosa-Su.


Elise opens the box and inside is a cup, saucer and a plate with a picture of Tiny
her Yorkshire terrier pup! "Oh how lovely!" Elise exclaimed.


Santa said, "I really must go now girls, I have been all around the world
delivering presents to every one and I am so tired!"
Rosa-Su and Elise waved and shouted, "Good bye Santa! See you next year
and thank you so much for all you have done for us!" Off Santa went in sleigh pulled by magical reindeer flying across the sky................." Ho, Ho, Ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!" Called Santa!!

See you all again soon! little Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny says
Good night Elise.....
Good night Shelby....
Good night kaitlyn....
Good night Ayesha
.....Good night Mathias, Raquel and baby leah!

Patty says Thankyou to all my dear friends and ............
Have a Merry Christmas!


I do hope you enjoyed our little story!!

I shall be taking more photos and telling more tales of Rosa Su , Elise ,Scrappy, Fifi, Pixie and Dixie
and their four legged friends!! I wonder what surprises lay ahead? I already know thought the storyteller:D

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