My Hand Made 1/12th scale Ornamental Miniatures

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This Trademark gramophone I made entirely from balsa.

I made this harp from balsa, beads and guitar strings.

A tiny stuffed fish carved from balsa and painted up with acrylic.
I then made it a little display box from balsa and cel.

"The Captain's" model ships in a display cabinet. The longest of these is 1" long and are both
made from carved balsa then painted. I used cocktail sticks, paper and sewing cotton for the sails.

I made this brass microscope from brass sheet, rolling up the sheet to make
the tube. I used barrel-backs from pierced earrings for the eyepiece and
magnifying part..... and earring studs for the swivel parts.

Tudor lit fireplace with spit. All you see is my own work except for the cooking pot.

The water well..... made from a cardboard centre of parcel tape.
The rest, including the bucket, is made from balsa.

Sundial..... the dial and gnomon are made from brass sheet. The pedestal is made from
balsa then papered with fancy blown vinyl wallpaper then painted to look like stone.

Fish pond..... made from balsa, pebbles, tiny flowers and cel.

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