My Hand Made 1/12th scale Ornamental Miniatures

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Crossbow complete with bolt, and longbow with the target in the background.

A 12th scale replica of my full-sized gramophone. All made from balsa.

A magic lantern made from a lager can, brass sheet, and a bead for the lens!

The chair and mandolin are both made from balsa, and the
strings of the mandolin are from my husband's guitar!

Cylinder musical box made from balsa, brass sheet, and broken jewellery!

Bellows camera.

Music shop complete with accordian, triangle, bagpipes, records, phonograph cylinders,
sound boxes, and 2 gramophones. I also made the shopkeeper's clothes and shelf unit.

Kitchen scales made from brass bar and broken jewellery!

Water spring, made from balsa and pieces of embossed wallpaper, and the inside of a ball-point pen!

I made this with balsa, chain and beads.

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