My Hand Made 1/12th scale Ornamental Miniatures

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I made this wot not from balsa and carved some cocktail sticks for the uprights.

A French 'Mignon' cylinder phonograph, made from balsa and broken watches!

Horn gramophone, all made from balsa. I carved the horn from a solid piece.

The ships wheel is made from balsa and brass sheet, the lamps are made
from beads, and the model ship from balsa, cocktail sticks and paper.

This cake stand I made from balsa. I explain how I made the
sandwiches and cakes in the "Miniature food" section.

The spinning wheel was rather hard to make so I cheated a little bit by using cocktail sticks for the spokes!

I also put a working movement in the grandfather clock.

A little sewing box, complete with cottons, needles and scissors etc.

Polyphon disc player sat on my well-worn craft table!

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