My 1/12th scale my old Gypsy caravan
total refurnish and repaint

I collect ceramic Shire horses.They are all second hand and most of them needed a good bath!
This project is about a caravan that was given free with one of my horses some years ago.
After giving it lots of thought I stripped the furniture out and repainted inside and outside and refitted it.
Below, I show the steps of this project and how I made the furniture for it, for anyone who is interested.
Maxie, our Yorkie loves having his photo taken, so you will be seeing more of him too!

                                 First stage A look at the caravan.

                                 Second stage Buliding a caravan stove.

                                 Third stage Making the furniture, decorating and soft funishings.

                                 Fourth stage Painting and decorating the outside of my caravan.

                                 Dressing a Gypsy Rosa Su Lupin doll

                                 The adventures of Scrappy and Rosa-Su

                                 Scrappy and the watering can for Rosa-Su!

                                 Rosa-Su and Scrappy help a new friend!

                                 Rosa-Su and Scrappy move into their new caravan!

                                 Rosa-Su and Scrappy do some Christmas shopping at the market!

                                 Gypsy Elise Bluebell helps Rosa-Su and Scrappy trim the Christmas tree!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-Su, Elise and Scrappy meet Santa!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-Su, Elise Scrappy, Fifi, Pixie and Dixie at Christmas!

                                 Foxy Lady arrives at the Gypsy Rosa-Su, Gypsy Elise and friends caravan site!

                                 Fun in the snow Gypsy Rosa-Su, Gypsy Elise and more new friends arrive !

                                 New pets arrive at the Gypsy camp from Cath and gifts from Kaitlyn and Sharon

                                 New pets arrive at the Gypsy Cute Critters Sanctuary from Elayne and Vicky

                                 Gypsy Elise and Rosa-Su go to see Lord Darnley!

                                 Gypsy Elise and Rosa-Su move locations with their Cute Critter sanctuary!

                                 Gypsy Ros-Su and Elise settling into their new home and Critter sanctuary!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-Su and Elise, A grand day had by all!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-Su and Elise and the critters, meet Rudi!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Eise and The legend of the Sylvanian sweetheart tree!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise go to the market, see new faces and Rosa's old friend!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise Have a Summer Fayre to raise money for their sanctuary!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise.... The Treasure of Autumn Equinox!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise.... Halloween and high spirits in the Tavern!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise.... Christmas surprize!!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise... plan their weddings!!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise Wedding Day Photographs!!!!

                                 Gypsy Rosa-su and Elise expand the sanctuary!