My Hand Made 1/12th scale Furniture and Fixtures

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Wash stand made from balsa, cocktails sticks, cotton-bud tubes and beads.

In the bedroom. Half-tester bed and crib.

Another shot of my bed showing some ladies underwear, stockings and hats etc that I have also made.

One of the sofas I made for the Victorian house, including the embroidered cushions.

My Welsh dresser made with MDF.

Corner shelf unit made from balsa.

Upright piano also made from balsa.

Dining table and chairs which I made of 1/8" MDF, and I cut the chair backs with a fret saw.

Kitchen table and chairs..... I made these from balsa, stair posts, a
bamboo skewer, and I have woven the chair seats with thin nylon string.

Davenport desk (with opening lid) and book shelf. All made of balsa.

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