My Hand Made 1/12th scale Furniture and Fixtures

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Herbs and spices shelves. The canisters are electrical capacitors painted up.
The "glass" jars are made from clear ball-point pen outer cases and buttons for lids.

Kitchen cupboard with the doors closed.

And with the doors open.

Another kitchen cupboard I made for the other side of the chimney breast. Incidentally, the
working ceiling light is made from 2 grain of wheat bulbs, broken jewellery and a cotton bud tube!

Kitchen range I made from MDF and brass sheet. A 12v grain of wheat bulb lights the fire basket, and
both the oven doors open and close. I made the chimney breast from balsa and painted the bricks.

Sink unit. The knobs are brass guitar-string retainers! The tap I made from twisted wire and
then run hot solder on it to give it a smoothness. The tiles are one piece of balsa painted white,
scored, flowers painted on, and then finished off with clear nail varnish to make them shine.

I designed this chair for The Captain and made it from balsa, beads, and an old leather handbag.

Fireplace..... again, I designed this for The Captain's room. It is all made
from balsa, even the fret, grate and hood. The anchors and wheel are
done with Cerne relief. The fire basket is lit with a grain of wheat bulb.

The Captain's display cabinet, made from balsa and acrylic sheet and bits of
jewellery. Includes a brass microscope, 2 very tiny ships and a magic lantern.

The Captain's desk, made from balsa with beads as drawer knobs.
On the top shelf are some sea shells he collected from far away places!
His chair is made from balsa and cocktail sticks.

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