Here is a book cover that my friend Su designed for My stories!

Thank you SU!

Nanna Val's Foxy Lady comes to live with Gypsy Rosa-Su, Gypsy Elise and friends!

With thanks to:
Su.....for Rosa-Su the lovely Gypsy girl and the book covers.

Vicky ......made Scrappy as a gift. She also made 3 beautiful potion/ perfume bottles!

Nanna Val..... hand painted and sent a watering can , a photo frame with Maxie in it ,
made Fifi the Poodle as a gift and sent Foxy Lady.

Bambi......bought a lovely trinket box and inside is a gypsy crystal ball. Also a brass storm lamp
an oil lamp, a canal ware bucket and a milk churn (and a Gypsy story book for Gypsy Patty!)

Elayne.....Elise's new caravan, Tiny the Yorkshire terrier, Pixie and Dixie the two kittens,
A tea cup, saucer and plate with Yorkies on them and a Gypsy caravan scene doggy blanket!

Without their kindness this story would not have been possible! Thank you to our dear friends!!

Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny say



Work is still being done on Elise's caravan.
Soon she will hav some lovely blue Velvet curtains for the windows.....

Elise was telling Rosa-Su all about a friend of hers called Nanna Val,
who had found a little female fox cub.The cub had been abandoned
or her Mother had died. Knowing the poor little cub was cold , frightened
and hungry, Nanna Val spoke in gentle whispers to the scared ,lonely cub.
Then Nanna Val carefully picked her up, placed her inside her coat and took her home.
Nanna Val had to hand feed the cub many times a day because the she was so small,
and kept her warm and safe with a basket and a blanket as her bed .
After a few days with Nanna Val , the little cub became trusting,
this was when Nanna Val said to the little cub, " You are a pretty lady Fox so,
I shall call you Foxy Lady".
Months went by and the fox cub grew into a lovely and very gentle lady fox .
This was when Nanna Val decided that Lady would be better living in the countryside
with her friends Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su. Lady would then be able to run and
play with their pets and have adventures with them and may even meet other foxes.
She is nearly full grown now and is very tame, friendly and gentle with all pets,
animals,birds and humans.
Nanna Val also knows she can come and see Foxy Lady and the Gypsy girls any time she likes too!


Elise said to Rosa-Su, "I have had a letter from Nanna Val,
Foxy Lady will be here tomorrow, the woodsman is collecting her and her belongings
including her little hut which she sleeps in fom Nanna Val, so we just need to get
some straw or hay and an old blanket for Lady to sleep on."


"There is someone coming !" Said Elise, as she looked out of the window.
"It is the Woodsman in his cart.............Foxy Lady is here!"


"Hello Elise and Rosa-Su, meet Foxy Lady. She is very friendly and tame and has been
asleep all the way here!
Nanna Val had done a wonderful job of rearing and taming Lady," Said the woodsman.


"Hello Foxy Lady!" said both the gypsy girls as they gently stroked her.
Elise said, "This is your new home and we will take great care of you.
Here is your little house to sleep in."


Foxy Lady is exploring her new surroundings after her journey.
"As soon as she feels settled in we will let her meet Scrappy , Fifi ,
Tiny and the kittens." Said Elise.


Foxy Lady settles down in her little cosy hut and has a sleep!


After her nap and something to eat and drink.......
Here is Foxy Lady meeting Scrappy and Fifi and Tiny.
They Happily have a sniff and get to know each other.


Scrappy,Fifi and foxy lady have a chase around and play in the snow together!
While the little snowman watches!
Rosa-Su says to Elise, "Wouldn't it be lovely to have a petting farm and sanctuary?".
Elise said, " Oh yes that would be wonderful , Lets start planning.........
and if we get any problems, we can ask Nanna Val for advice,
because I am sure she knows all about pets and wild animals!" :)
"First of all, I think we should build a pond......
all pets and wild animals need to drink and bathe", said Gypsy Elise..............

And that is where we leave Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su for now..........
See you all soon!

See you all again soon! little Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny says
Good night Elise.....
Good night Shelby....
Good night kaitlyn....
Good night Ayesha.....
Good night Mathias, Raquel and baby leah!

Patty says Thankyou to all my dear friends ............


I do hope you enjoyed our little story!!

I shall be taking more photos and telling more tales of Rosa Su , Elise ,Scrappy, Fifi, Pixie and Dixie Foxy Lady,the Snowman
and their four legged friends and two legged friends!!
I wonder what surprises lay ahead? I already know thought the storyteller:D

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