Here is a book cover that my friend Su designed for My stories!

Thank you SU!

Gypsy Rosa-Su, and Gypsy Elise and friends.
The gypsy girls and crtters move to their new location!

With thanks to:
Su.....for Rosa-Su the lovely Gypsy girl and the book covers.

Vicky ......made Scrappy as a gift. She also made 3 beautiful potion/ perfume bottles!
also made the framed pictures and the beautiful bottles! I am sure the silver one
contains a potion! and hand made birds (green budgie, blackbird, blue tit and finch)
and yellow budgie and necklace

Nanna Val..... hand painted and sent a watering can , a photo frame with Maxie in it ,
made Fifi the Poodle as a gift,sent Foxy Lady a painted jug and Saucy Squirrel. hay net,
raffia string-bedding, bail of straw , hedgehogs, badger,lamb, Goat and tortoises!

Bambi......bought a lovely trinket box and inside is a gypsy crystal ball. Also a brass storm lamp
an oil lamp, a canal ware bucket and a milk churn (and a Gypsy story book for Gypsy Patty!) a gazebo.

Elayne and Elise.....For Elise's new caravan, Tiny the Yorkshire terrier, Pixie and Dixie the two kittens,
A tea cup, saucer and plate with Yorkies on them, a Gypsy caravan scene doggy blanket,
Quackers the Duck, Goldie the Mrs chicken ,Cluck the Mr Chicken ,Tarot cards,Bambi the Deer,
Pip and Squeak Mice, ,Cindy the guinea pig, Peanut the Squirrel
a papo shire horse,a lovely donkey, a lovely shire foal, highly detailed cow, 3 scarecrows
4 garden gnomes, bird box and a set of garden tools,
and a pair of wellies! great for wearing when mucking the stables out!

Kaitlyn and Nannie Sharon for making a food bowl for Scrappy and a Feed bag for Leo!

Kawasaki Cath for making Ed, Chet and Able. 3 adorable tame rats and 2 quilt and pillow sets!

Rebecca for sending 3 beautiful Parrots!

Without their kindness this story would not have been possible! Thank you to our dear friends!!

Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny say

HELLO to Taylor! ...

In this set Of Photos of Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su move to the new location with their lovely pets
Rosa Su and Elise also Introducing many more Critters to the sanctuary!!


Today is the day!

Gypsy Rosa-Su and Gypsy Elise have been up since early dawn. With all the excitement,
they hardly slept last night! The girls have packed their belongings up safely and got
everything ready for their move to the area chosen by Lord Darnley for them to live with
their cute critter sanctuary. Gypsy Elise and Rosa-Su's Aunties , Elayne , Val , Vicky and Rebeccahave also presented the girls
with many more critters to love and care for. The woodsman has already moved the caravans and transported all the critters in the cart.
Lord Darnleys groundsmen have been instructed not to trim all the hedges in the sanctuary
grounds on the edge of Abbey View Wood. This will help birds who want to nest in them and
the hedge will also provide shelter from wind and rain for the critters and keep them safe.
The caravans have been postioned so they will not be open to harsh winds and in summer
the girls like to have a camp fire to cook and eat outside, have parties and sleep under
their caravans in the warm summer nights.

The gypsy girls take a break to look at all the critters and the new ones who have arrived
Badger, donkey, hedgehogs, parrots, birds, lamb, goat, Shire horse and foal, tortoises
Gypsy Rosa-Su said to Elise, " Oh my! isn't it beautiful here? So peaceful and all
the critters in the sanctuary seem to be happy and settling in. How fortunate we are!"
Elise replied ," Yes and we are all going to be so happy here, I just know it!" They both
thanked the woodsman for all the help he had given them with the moving.
The stables which are a short walk away are still being worked on Small repairs to the
leaking roof and will be ready in a week or two. meanwhile, the lords Shires are staying
in stables at the village blacksmiths.We shall see stables and the horses on our next visit!
I hope!


Every critter is looking around at their new home.
Scrappy and Fifi are stood together looking on.
I hope the Nanny Goat isn't going to take a bite out of The white leather bag handbag
from Rosa-Su's caravan!!


Quackers is having a swim and the parrots , tortioses and hedgehog have a drink!
Even the gnomes look happy! The cow is going to get a drink too!


There is a water well close by providing fresh water for the girls and their
sanctuary and a fresh water spring for the critters to help themselves.
Bambi is drinking fromthe spring now!


Nanny Goat is really taking a shine to the handbag!!!!
While the scarecrows watch!


All friends together! Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny!!


Shire horse and the two hedgehogs?


Thank heavens! Nanny goat has decided not to eat the handbag after all and
She seems happy! I ope mr Badger doesn' make her jump! The gnomes are enjoying the view too!


The birds! Settling in the hedge.


Gypsy Rosa-Su , Gypsy Elise and the woodsman are all tired after a busy but
exciting day! I think both girls are stil very excited and can't wait for tomorrow
....The beginning of another wonderful day!


Towards the end of a lovely day........................The shires are settling down
And all the other critters too.


The shy lamb has taken a liking for Elise! and Mr badger is coming out from under
Elise's caravan. Elise and Rosa-Su say a big thankyou to the woodsman.
The woodsman replies, "Any time My dears! I shall call by everyday to
make sure you all have everything you need and to see all your cute critters too!"
Rosa-Su hugs Elise and they say good night...........


Elise decides the shy little lamb should snuggle in her caravan and
sleep there for the night with her the kittens and Tiny! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And that is where we leave our Gypsy Elise and Gypsy Rosa-Su.
All the Cute little pet friends and the new ones..................
All settling down and snuggling up for the night.
Good night to all........................Good night!


little Scrappy, Fifi and Tiny says
Good night Elise.....
Good night Shelby....
Good night kaitlyn....
Good night Ayesha.....
Good night Mathias, Raquel and baby leah!

Patty says Thank you to all my dear friends For your kindness and wonderful gifts on my birthday


I do hope you enjoyed our little story!!

See you all again soon!

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