~Matheson Mews by Bambi~

Here is my Georgian Town House, Matheson Mews. It was my first real serious dolls house. It is a 'Mayfair' house which are not the best quality dolls houses but if I had more mini experience at the time I would have gone for a DHE 'Grosvenor House' or one of the Barbara's Mouldings ones the 'Stapleford' or similar, but this is what I picked at the time so I am stuck with it! I bashed it about a bit. I added a little garden terrace with a shelter for the horse and carriage underneath at the side of the house. I also added some dormer windows and chimney stacks to the roof. The exterior is covered with brick compound and stencil and the slates are compound and stencil too. Here are some pictures of the exterior, I hope you like them. x ... Bambi

Here are some pictures of the nursery!

More to do on the nursery, but in the meantime I sent for a little toy theatre for it from Jane Harrop. So I put it together, stained and varnished it and am quite pleased how it turned out. Here are a couple of pics. I hope you like them. x

Here are a couple of pics of the piano room.

And here is the main entrance hall leading to the piano room and the dining room.

The dining room.

Some pics of the kitchen and the scullery.

The lady's parlour

The gentlemans study

The landing.

And here with the light turned on.

The lady's bedroom.

The gentleman's bedroom.

More pics to follow, thanks for looking ... Bambi ... SLAINTE!