~A Little More About My Miniatures and I~

My hobbies are, Dolls houses and making miniatures, I also enjoy listening to music, playing the organ,
and painting. I have always been awestruck by large machinery.
In making my own miniatures I have also involved my other hobbies and pleasures!
Life in miniature has always fascinated me, as a child of 7 years I had a dolls house,
it annoyed me that the furniture couldn't be re-arranged ....it was printed on the wallpaper!

I have been making miniatures since the 1980s. I have had my web site since 2010 showing some of the many items I have made. The first miniature I ever made was a little wind up gramophone. I must have made hundreds more items since!

My motto.......... Dolls houses and miniatures are very addictive before finishing the current one, ..
....... we make plans for our next!!....and so on!!

I have built from kit The Country Store and The Stratford Bakery from Dolls House Emporium and have made around 98% of the miniatures in both houses.

In 2007 I started designing and building from scratch my biggest and most complex project to date, an early 18th century Tilt forge with a water wheel. Using as a guide, photos I took of a local industrial hamlet . The building is made from MDF and I made all the machinery, (water wheel, tilt hammers, drive shaft, blowing engine for the hearth, cam rings, guillotine and gear wheels) is all made from balsa wood an estimated 900 pieces cut!! I knew this forge was going to be my last project because I have had bi-lateral Macular degeneration for some years and my sight was getting worse. I eventually had to stop making my miniatures in late 2010 ........poor eyesight, arthritis in my hands and sharp craft knives don't mix! Not to worry, I am positive!! I still have my houses and my miniatures, I keep visiting the DHE forum. I design free wallpaper to print and can stil do my art on my computer. My website and DIY zone keep me busy, my Hubby taught me HTML so I can now program it myself.

and I will be glad to impart any knowledge I can give.

~ Patty ~