Miscellaneous items.

A small selection of my cylinders in their boxes.

A Songster soundbox advertisement which I found folded up in the bottom of a needle tin.

Rotary fibre-needle sharpener.

His Masters Voice spring lubricant. Still contains the original tube of grease!

Various record cleaners.

More record cleaners.

Vogue picture record #R733.

Flipside of #R733.

Vogue picture record #R725.

Flipside of #R725

Below are some 12th scale models of my gramophones which I made.

Here's my red-horned gramophone.

And here's the Geisha pedestal gramophone.

My 2 portables and Regal hornless.

I don't have a Trademark but I'm living in hope! LOL

The Mignon in my Victorian doll's house.

The Edison in the same dolls house.

Incidentally, I also have a dolls house and miniatures website. Click here to go there.