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ASPIROUT V1.1 Beta 10

ASPIRB10.ZIP (34k)

This is an updated version of Daniel Dorau's ASPI Router device driver. It is designed to support simultaneous access to the driver from more than 1 process. For the programmer, it simplifies and enhances the interface whilst retaining backwards compatibilty and removes the need for application semaphores to signal command completion. Now includes a driver debugging utility for monitoring SCSI commands sent from applications.

This is a Beta version. Use with care.

Black Hole Beta 1


This is a rewrite of the old Black Hole WPS class. It provides options to disable the incessant prompting for confirmation which the original version suffered from.

This is a Beta version. Use with care.


CMDRUN13.ZIP (35k) OS/2 WPS replacement WPFolder/WPDisk classes which give the ability to start command line sessions from any folder/disk with the current directory set to that folder/disk. Also gives a Run menu option similar to that found in Windows, allowing the starting of OS/2, DOS and Windows applications.


DEVSRV13.ZIP (11k) OS/2 server and client library to provide device IOCtl capability for co-operating applications across a TCP/IP network.
An example of the use of this is remote reboot of a machine.

DTAPE V1.0 Beta 10

DTAPEB10.ZIP (63k)

OS/2 PM program which provides the facilities to record and replay digital audio directly to/from disk - a digital tape recorder. Features include peak level monitoring and unlimited .WAV file sizes (up to 4GB).
DPLAY and DRECORD are VIO companion programs and DSG is a PM digital signal generator.

This is a Beta version. Use with care.


FIXLCK10.ZIP (8k) OS/2 WPS replacement WPObject class to fix the annoying behaviour of the WPS not putting any indication of the state of an object's "Locked in Place" setting in its popup menu.


INIFIX10.ZIP (8k) A pair of VIO utilities which clean up the OS/2 system INI files. These remove annoying extra items from objects' Create Another menus, and cleanup the Startup folders.

"PM Colour" Sample

PMCOLOUR.ZIP (13k) Sample OS/2 program demonstrating how to access the Colour Wheel control as used in the Edit Colour dialog boxes. Source and executable included.


PMR140.ZIP (121k) OS/2 PM and VIO applications for driving the Reveal RA300 FM radio card and the AIMS Labs. RadioTrack cards.
Push button tuning, 20 memories, drag and drop colour and font support, per memory volume settings, remote operation.
English, German, Spanish and Italian versions included.


PR1UT165.ZIP (38k) OS/2 REXX library of miscellaneous functions.


RESDLG18.ZIP (33k) A utility to decompile an OS/2 .RES resource file into a .DLG dialog file. This utility preserves all styles, unlike the IBM Dialog Editor tool.
Companion program to RESMGR.


SYSSET12.ZIP (15k) OS/2 WPS class which give the ability to set up and query systems components such as Keyboard, Mouse and System from a REXX command file.

TOP V2.14

TOP214.ZIP (46k) OS/2 VIO application to monitor CPU usage by process. It does NOT impose an artificial load on the system to generate usage statistics. The process list can be sorted according to various criteria (including CPU percentage, name, threads), and any process from the list can be selected to be killed.


WPDRV10.ZIP (4k) OS/2 WPS replacement WPDrives class to override the function of the "Manage Volumes..." menu option, so it can run something other than "java lvmgui".

ISOFS V1.0.3 (677k) ISOFS is an installable filesystem for seamless read only access to the contents of ISO image files, as suitable for burning on CD, or as extracted from CD.
Now supports ISO files bigger than 2GB. (565k) Old version which runs on Warp 4 upto FP12 and Warp 3 (no large ISO file support).

MP3GAIN V1.4.6 (287k) MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume. MP3Gain does not just do peak normalization, as many normalizers do. Instead, it does some statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear. Also, the changes MP3Gain makes are completely lossless. There is no quality lost in the change because the program adjusts the mp3 file directly, without decoding and re-encoding.

This is a port from the Sourceforge command-line back-end sources.

MP3SPLT V2.1 (281k) Mp3Splt is a command line utility to split mp3 (VBR supported) files selecting a begin and an end time position, without decoding. It's very useful to split large mp3 to make smaller files or to split entire albums to obtain original tracks. If you want to split an album, you can select split points and filenames manually or you can get them automatically from CDDB (internet or a local file) or from .cue files. Supports also automatic silence split, that can be used also to adjust cddb/cue splitpoints. Otherwise if you have a file created either with Mp3Wrap or AlbumWrap you can extract tracks just in few seconds.

This is a port from the Sourceforge Win32 sources.

MP3WRAP V0.5 (165k) Mp3Wrap is a free independent alternative to AlbumWrap. It's a command-line utility that wraps quickly two or more mp3 files in one single large playable mp3, without losing filenames and ID3 informations (and without need of decoding/encoding). Also with the possibility of including other non mp3 files, such as PlayLists, info files, cover images, inside the mp3. This means that you obtain a large mp3 that you can split in any moment just using mp3splt and in few seconds you have all original files again!

This is a port from the Sourceforge Win32 sources.

Updated: WarpIN 1.0.26 (1255k) The WarpIN general purpose installer for OS/2 is used for creating and installing archives and can be used to distribute almost any application.
It has full support for system configuration (CONFIG.SYS, WPS classes, WPS objects) and can fully undo all the changes to your system again. It can do package dependencies and execute external programs for system configuration after install. REXX scripting support is also built in.

WarpIN is an OS/2 Netlabs project.
Ulrich Moeller's WarpIN site.

XWorkplace 1.0.8 (2513k) XWorkplace is a popular WPS-Enhancer utility. Some of its features are:
  • Folder content menus and object hotkeys provide improved navigation of folders and access to objects
  • Folder enhancements such as status bars, global sort settings and split views (a la Windows)
  • Enhanced file operations, including a trash can
  • Keyboard and mouse enhancements such as sliding focus
  • Improved interfaces to system and WPS configuration
  • Multiple "Virtual desktop" feature
  • Enhanced WPS backup and shutdown mechanisms
XWorkplace is an OS/2 Netlabs project.
Ulrich Moeller's XWorkplace site.

Changi fix

CHANFIX.ZIP (8k) Fix for Changi 1.2b5 and 1.2b8 on OS/2 when using TCP/IP 4.32.
It prevents the 'broken pipe' and 'connection broken' type errors.

E.EXE fix

E.ZIP (1k) These are patch files for E.EXE to prevent it writing Ctrl-Z to the end of files. The following are supported:
  • Warp 4 FP15
  • MCP1
  • MCP1 FP1 XR_C001
  • MCP1 FP2 XR_C002
  • MCP2

IP08414 fix

FIX08414.ZIP (141k) This will fix the resource stringtable errors (strange characters on the display) in the IBM peer fixpack IP08414 which show up on the "Shared Resources and Network Connections" object on the "Statistics" and "Open sessions" dialogs.

IP_8605 fix

FIX_8605.ZIP (148k) This will fix the resource stringtable errors (strange characters on the display) in the IBM peer fixpack IP_8605 which show up on the "Shared Resources and Network Connections" object on the "Statistics" and "Open sessions" dialogs.
This fix applies to the peer networking in eCS 1.1

RESMGR 20040528

RESMGR.ZIP (50k) Martin Lafaix's Resource Manager package.
This is Martin's 20020429 version with modifications to make it work properly with RES2DLG, and additional decoding capability as provided by Veit Kannegieser.

Resource DLL fix kit for eCS 1.1

ECSFIX11.ZIP (51k) This is a fix kit for the resource DLLs in eCS 1.1 and should *ONLY* be applied to eCS 1.1
It fixes a focus problem with the Open File dialog, adds a Close button to the Edit Color dialog and corrects a minor problem with an accelerator key.
See also: IP_8605 fix

SENDMAIL 2.02 fix

SM202DLL.ZIP (146k) This is a replacement for the SENDMAIL.DLL file supplied with SENDMAIL 2.02
It has been patched to remove a spurious CR between the message header and body when sending mail. This fixes a problem with scrambled headers on Yahoogroups. This should only be used to replace an existing DLL of the same size (300625 bytes).

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