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CHGUSR10.ZIP (14k) GT Power User Profile utility for GT19. Change any or all of the access level, expired access level, number of netmail credits and expiry dates for the currently logged on user, a named user or a group of users.


FIXMSG10.ZIP (8k) FIXMSG is a utility which fixes any incorrect dates caused by the use of non Y2K compliant GT programs. It should be run immediately after any such program.


GTMCHK33.ZIP (16k) GT Power message base usage monitoring utility for GT19. Shows which users are joined to which areas, their mail pointers and provides statistics on the amount of usage your message bases get.

GTY2K release 3

GTY2K.ZIP (206k) Package of fixes to make the GT Netmail System and other popular GT programs year 2000 compatible.
You will need release 421 of the Netmail Suite NMAIL421.ZIP (234k) and Dennis Berry's MAIL051.ZIP to use these patches fully.


JNUSER20.ZIP (12k) GT Power message base joining utility for GT19. From the command line, it allows a user to be joined to an area, unjoined from an area or unjoined from a board.


MRUN124.ZIP (48k) GT Power Netmail suite compatible program which makes Netmail calls instead of MDRIV. It operates much more efficiently and utilises the bi-directional file transfer capabilities of HS/Link. Capable of moving G bags at over 6000cps under ideal conditions. Requires a free serial number/CRC from the author.


MRKMSG10.ZIP (7k) MARKMSG is a utility which changes the Public/Private/No Kill status of all the messages in a message area.


MMFIX10.ZIP (7k) Utility to generate a GT17 compatible GTMDIR.BBS from a GT18+ version, for use by MMR and companion programs which don't understand the QWK information. The program takes no arguments and the new file is created in the MM subdirectory off the GTPATH.


MSR204.ZIP (17k) A patched version of Mark Shasby's Route Tracer program MSRoute #17. This version has been patched specifically to work with PKZIP 2.04g and will NOT work with the earlier versions of PKZIP.


NDFIX101.ZIP (8k)

Nodefix is a utility which modifies the GT Nodelist to include the country code 1 for all nodes located in the USA/Canada. This makes the task of constructing phone number transforms in the ROUTING.BBS file much simpler. The utility should be run immediately after a new Nodelist has been unpacked.

See also Dave Liquorice's utility Fix Nodelist.


QROUT161.ZIP (21k) GT Power echomail Q bag route tracing utility. Operates similarly to other route tracing utilities, except that it only adds a QRoute: line to every 5th message in a bag and it works on Q bags not B bags!


SGLFIX11.ZIP (8k) SGL2FIX is a utility which removes leading spaces from the To: and From: fields of messages generated by later versions of SmartGL. This problem has occurred since the phone number field in the Nodelist was widened in 1994. The utility should be run immediately after every run of SmartGL.


The premier QWK mail door for GT Power is maintained by Paul Ratcliffe and Dave Liquorice. The latest versions are:

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