the Longbow

It is but the eye to the cord, the cord to the shaft, and the shaft to the mark.

A. Conan Doyle, The White Company

This enthusiast's contribution to the body of work on the longbow will be by necessity limited in scope, and largely derivative, being only a distillation of my own enthusiasm, but I hope it will also be of some use to fellow longbowmen and women.

Initially I plan four pages after this frontispiece. The first will be an introduction to answer the question - Why another site on the longbow? The following pages will deal with the subject of arrow making; essential contacts and resources; a bibliography; and links to other sites of interest. A work in progress is a pieces dealing with the various strange ideas I've heard voiced about the longbow.

With more time and if there is any interest out there I would like to cover other techniques associated with bow-making, as well as touching more on the history of the bow, primitive bows, and perhaps reenactments.

thumbnail of background page 1 Why another site on the Longbow? Some experiments with unusual timbers (not yet published)
thumbnail of page 2 background Some notes on the tricky subject of arrow making Personal Favourites (not yet published)
thumbnail of page 3 background Links to other sites that might be of interest {short description of image} A diversion: the Longbow in film, television, and fiction
link to pg 4 Local clubs (new page: few entries)

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I aim now to be rather more focussed, and intend to update this site at least once every other month. Next on the schedule are revisions to Why another site on the Longbow? and FAQ.

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