Flying falling / Marginal extinctions

Constructed imagery using photography, drawing, text and paint, reflects the loss of species and habitats- wildlife at the margins of existence. Dead birds, little scraps of nature and found debris are merged with drawings from sketchbooks and found images. Finding and tracking the small insignificant deaths of birds in a garden, domestic “memento mori”, mirrors the complexity of environmental change and catastrophe.


The work challenges our perception of the idyll of nature, bringing up issues of the sustenance of nature and wilderness, consumer culture versus a disposable earth, and the hidden violence of a polluted world. The imagery starts in the garden and moves into the digital world, literally deconstructed and separated onto white paper, isolating details from their context. Space in a picture allows a story to be told in different ways. Here the lack of a single perspective allows a free flowing association between multiple view points and media genres. The format, often like a scroll, allows a sense of narrative time that includes all of the collected fragments, gathering memories from a continuum, evoking symbols of flight, journey and death.

All images copyright Karen Melvin 2018