Collaboration -  Picnic at Stone Circle

I have been working with a group of dancers and artists to explore movement, dance, sculptural forms, drawing, painting and photography and how this interacts and reflects our response to a changing environment. Part of this group, including Claudia Sacher, Esther Huss, Tim Rubidge, and myself gave an improvised performance of dance and drawing at Ladycross Quarry Nature Reserve in July 2019, called Picnic at Stone Circle. It took place in the circle of quarried stones on the highest hill of the reclaimed part of the quarry, designed to mark the sunrise and sunset points in the landscape during the solstice and equinox. There was an exhibition called Nature Notes in an old container at the reserve and painted ground cloths used in the performance on the Open Day produced collaboratively by Claudia Sacher and myself.


Video link to Triptych Symphony - a performance and art collaboration with Claudia Sacher and Esther Huss.


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