I photograph the natural world, often interfering with the sense of the natural, looking at how we give meaning to what we see. I use my visual practice to draw attention to environmental and cultural issues and to negotiate my emotional responses.


My current exhibition No.3 is at Highgreen, Tarset, June 30 - July 1 2018, 1-6PM.


No. 3 is at Highgreen, Tarset, NE48 1RP. Inside the house there is work by Karen Melvin, Claudia Sacher and Grace Warde-Aldam. The Exhibition Weekend opens on June 30 - July1 2018, 1-6PM. It is a collaboration between VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities) and Highgreen Arts. It is part of Great Northumberland - 56 days of free arts, culture and heritage events in Northumberland.

All images copyright Karen Melvin 2018