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Sad Lonely Old B@rstards H3
(or.. Sexy Ladies On Buspasses)

"Still Crazy After All These Beers!"

Note: Runs may take place at any time. Generally laid around bus routes and aimed at the 'older generation' who have the benefit of free travel. Get on the bus and get off at the next pub stop - r#nners get off earlier! Runs last from two hours or longer.
More Info from PoorSod (see contacts)
Date Where it's at
Fri 13th Sep 2013 Run001 5:00pm from The Railway, opposite St John's Station and après at Salvies (Swan's Nest, St John's Road, Ryde) - Coops
Fri 15th Nov 2013 Run002 10:30am from Prince of Wales, Newport; 11:45 No.7 bus to Gunville; 11:00 run from Parkhurst Forest, Main Car Park après The Waverley - Balders
Sat 10th Jan 2015 Run003 FannyMac's Stag Trip to Yarmouth from Newport Ale House - Balders
Sat 24th Jan 2015 Run004 The Burns Kilt Run from the Sands Hotel, Sandown - Geri, Coops & FlyingDoctor
Sat 17th Oct 2015 Run005 The PUPS/SLOBS AwayDay from Daish's, Shanklin 11am - PoorSod, Coops & friends
Sat 19th Dec 2015 Run006 SLOBS Christmas Get-Together is 1:30 for 2:00pm Saturday in the AleHouse Newport. Progression from there will be subject to popular vote...
Sat 12th Mar 2016 Run007 Joint R#n with Portsea Island Social from the Hard to the SirLoinOfBeef (SLOB, geddit?) and back - BeerPump
Mon 23rd Dec 2019 Run008 Christmas Social, starting from the AleHouse, Newport - PoorSod
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The Valhalla List
"Feel like checkin' tonight"

The Vectis Anniversary Luminated Hash Anti-Lunar Lights Annually is the Original Isle of Wight Night Run Series. Devised Back in January 1995 by Coops, Ganges, Kanga and a few others who had experienced torch-lit Hashes on the Mainland, it paused in 2002, after 10 successful events. Whereas the Full Moon Hash now satisfies the illuminated desires of most every winter - Valhalla comes back from time-to-time when an important event requires a Run and Dinner on an anti-lunar light (like Burns Night, for example).
More Info from Coops (see contacts)
Date Where it's at
Weds 25th Jan 1995 Run I Burns Night at the Chine Inn, Shanklin
Weds 14th Feb 1996 Run II Valentines Night at the Chine Inn, Shanklin
Sat 15th Mar 1997 Run III The Ides of March, Falcon, Shanklin
Fri 27th Feb 1998 Run IV The Feast of Beltane, Falcon, Shanklin
Weds 17th Mar 1999 Run V St Patrick's Day Parade, Falcon, Shanklin
Sat 5th Feb 2000 Run VI Chinese New Year at the Falcon, Shanklin
Tues 7th Mar 2000 Run VII Pancake Run, Falcon Inn, Shanklin
Thurs 1st Mar 2001 Run VIII St David's Day Night Hash, Falcon, Shanklin
Fri 25th Jan 2002 Run IX Australia Day Night Hash, Blenheim, Ventnor
Sat 2nd Nov 2002 Run X Trafalgar Day Night Hash, Castle, Sandown
Weds 25th Jan 2006 Run XI Burns Night at Yarbridge Inn (Anglers), by the lights, South of Brading
Thurs 25th Jan 2007 Run XII Burns Night at Yarbridge Inn (Anglers)
Fri 2nd Nov 2007 Run XIII "The Murder Mystery Run" - Dress as Cluedo Characters and meet 6:30pm at Firestone Copse, Wootton après Halloween Geri's, St Edmunds Walk, Wootton
Fri 27th June 2008 Run XIV "The Silver Run" - Pre-Ramble to the IW25th Birthday Weekend at Kite Hill, Wootton
Fri 31st October 2008 Run XV "Murder Mystery II" - Firestone Copse, Wootton at 7:00pm prompt (dress as Cluedo characters) après another Halloween Party at Geri's
Fri 31st July 2009 Run XVI "A Hard Day's Friday Night Red Dress Run" in Celebration of Full Moon Nash Hash in Ryde
Fri 30th Oct 2009 Run XVII "Murder Mystery III" around Borthwood Copse, après Halloween at Geri's new Sandown abode - (by kind permission of Hooker)
Fri 13th Aug 2010 Run XVIII Bilbo's "Sailor" Run (6pm), Fort Walk (7:30) and Barbie from Bembridge Point Car Park.
Sat 11th Dec Run XIX: from Bilbo's House in St. Helens to Mongrel's Kennel overlooking the Solent in Springvale/Seaview.
Sat 29th Jan 2011 Run XX Coops' "Kilt" Run (7pm), and Burns Supper at Harry's Bar
Sat 28th Jan 2012 Run XXI Coops' "Kilt" Run (7pm), and Burns Supper at Harry's Bar
Sat 31st Mar 2012 Run XXII The April Fools' Run from the Sands Hotel, Sandown: Long P-Rick & FastFloss!, Medium LipsOn & Bilbo, Short Bendy & Flossing
Sat 26th Jan 2013 Run XXIII Coops' "Kilt" Run (6:30pm), and Burns Supper at Harry's Bar. All Booked!
Tue 4th Mar 2014 Run XXIV 7:00pm Pancake Run from Salvies: Swan's Nest, St John's Road, Ryde - Dress 'Catering', bring a fryingpan, but book with Coops for supper inc chef's hat!
Tue 28th Feb 2017 Run XXV 7:00pm Pancake Run from The Sundial Cafe, Sandown Esplanade: - Dress 'Catering', bring a fryingpan, but book with Coops for supper
Sat 28th Oct 2017 Run XXVI 10:00am Come and Meet the Looe and Liskeard H3 for a short Hash from outside Holliers Hotel, Shanklin Old Village - Coops/Balders
Tue 13th Feb 2018 Run XXVII Pancake 2018 Night! The Sundial Cafe - Coops/Magoo
Fri 16th Mar 2018 Run XXVIII Meet 7:00pm at Lower Hyde Reception for the Winchester/R2D2 Visit (1hr R#n ending with Fish & Chips at the Crab) - BeerPump
Sat 17th Mar 2018 Run XXIX Meet 11:00am at Spring Hill Gardens, Central Car Park, opp Te$co, Ventnor, for the Winchester/R2D2 Visit (A>B R#n, with regroup beer-stop, ending at Lower Hyde, Shanklin) - BeerPump
Tue 5th Mar 2019 Run XXX Pancake 2019 Night! The Sundial Cafe - Coops/Magoo/Limpit
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The Nauti Hash
Got A Boat? - if not just get into one of the many Hash Boats, descend on somewhere, maybe Beaulieu, or more likely now, a canal, and lay a run, drink beer and fall in the water. Pretty Simple, really. More info when we get something...
Contact The Admiral: HardOn;  Boatswain: PoorSod;  Coxswain: Coops (aka WhetherCock)
Date Where it's at
15th May 2004 Run 001 Lymington - Hares Madonna and CoolBox
16th May 2004 Run 002 Lymington - Hares Balders and Slackers
5th April 2008 Run 003 The Brewery Inn, Seend Cleeve, Wiltshire (on the Kennet and Avon Canal) - (start on the canal-side about 8:00am) - Hares Gullible and P-Rick
5th April 2008 Run 004 Avoncliffe Aqueduct apres the Cross Guns - Hares Coops and Bergerac
6th April 2008 Run 005 Dundas Aqueduct apres the Hop Pole, the Cross Guns, the Beehive and the Somerset Arms (in that order, I think) - Hares P-Rick and Enemies
17th October 2009 Run 006 8:30am Avoncliffe Aqueduct (pre-ramble in the Cross Guns on the 16th) - Hares Coops, Stalkie, Lips and SlyC
17th October 2009 Run 007 The Ram, Widcombe, Bath (Joint with Kennet and Avon H3, Run 991) - Hare FatController
18th October 2009 Run 008 The Hop Pole, Limpley Stoke to The Inn at Freshford - Hares Coops, Sodders and NozeJob
9th April 2011 (8:00 for 8:30am) Run 009 The Coach and Horses, Llangynidr - Hares Coops and Bergerac
9th April 2011 (4pm-ish) Run 010 The Star Inn, Talybont, après the Nauti Balti Night - Hares PoorSod and GroinStrain
10th April 2011 (11am) Run 011 The Horseshoe, Llangattock (Joint with Cardiff, Run 777) - Hares Coops and Sandy from Cardiff
13th April 2012 (5pm) Run 012 Thrupp (Oxford Canal) - Hare Poubelle
14th April 2012 (11am) Run 013 'The Dreaming Spires' from the Kite Inn - Hare Dipstick from Oxford
15th April 2012 (11am) Run 014 The Rock of Gibraltar - Hares Kanga and Ganges
28th April 2013 (8:30am) Run 015 8:30am Llangollen to Horseshoe Falls - Hares Coops and Bones
28th April 2013 (3:00pm) Run 016 2:30pm Pontcycyllte Aqueduct and the Thomas Telford, Trevor (après the Nauti Balti Night) - Hare Coops
29th April 2013 (10:30am) Run 017 Bridge Inn, Chirk - Hares Sodders and Groyney
6th September 2014 (8:30am) Run 018 Guildford, on the River Wey - Hares Coops and Sodders
7th September 2014 (11:00am) Run 019 New Inn, Send, on the Wey Navigation (après the Nauti Balti Night) - Hare Kinky
28th ?? 2017 (8:30am) Run 020 8:30am Llangollen to Horseshoe Falls revisited- Hares Coops and Kinky
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The Inter Island Intercourse Hash House Harriers
The Inter Island Intercourse Hash House Harriers (I3H3) were formed to celebrate the distances to which Isle of Wight Hashers will go to get a Run. I3H3 Runs take place whenever the Isle of Wight visit any small, acceptable Island (preferably with palm trees and cheap booze) and Hash. Not everyone with Sea around them gets in! Mauritius was IN, Guernsey and Isle of Man are IN, Cyprus could be IN. Manhattan isn't.
To invite us to your Island, just contact Loading Bay (see contacts)
Date Where it's at
Sat 16th Oct 2004 Run 001 "The Other Side's Hash", Venue - Arsenal, Mauritius - Hares: Baldrick and 5-Bar
Sun 26th Aug 2012 Run 002 Lundy Island (In association with Run026 of the LIHHH) - Hare: Fracas
Mon 13th Oct 2014 Run 003 Phi Phi Island (In association with Run001 of the PPIHHH) - Hare: Philth
Sun 21st Jun 2015 Run 004 SaxaVord, Unst, Shetland (In association with Run006 of the SimmerDimHHH) - Hares: Hippo, Cooperman, FlyingDoctor

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The Tanglefoot Tours
This bit is Historical, really. We've had ten Tanglefoot Tours and that's probably about it.
We'll let you know when there are any more...
Date Where it's at
 7th September 1996 Run I The Flower Pots Inn, Cheriton - Hares, Tanglefoot and Godot
 1st March 1997 Run II The East End Arms, Lymington - Hares, as above
 4th October 1997 Run III The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood - Hares, as above
 7th March 1998 Run IV The Elsted Arms, Petersfield - Hares, as above
24th October 1998 Run V The Shaky Doo, Ford, Sussex - Hares, as above
 6th March 1999 Run VI The Market Inn, Winchester - Hares, as above
 2nd October 1999 Run VII The Deacon's Arms, Fisherton St, Salisbury - Hares, as above
27th May 2000 Run VIII The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers - Hares, as above
15th June 2002 Run IX The Kings Arms, Arundel - Hares, as above
 3rd May 2003 Run X The Hop Pole, Limpley Stoke - Hares, as above
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