Nunnery Lane above Carisbrooke Castle 11am on 2nd September 2018
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On-Going Events
Sun 25th Nov - IWH3 BGM Harrys Bar, Shanklin - see Guide and Rules
Election News 15-Nov: The RA (our 'Returning Officer') announces that there will be no need for voting papers for the BGM. There are candidates for most Offices but will be the chance of a vote by show of hands if one or more people decide on the day to stand for "Events Coordinator" (or similar).
Sat 1st Dec - Christmas Ball - see flyer
2019 Trip to Rome - see PoorSod - Register your interest on Rome H3
There is now a National List of Away Events

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IWHHH Run List

All IWHHH runs take place on Sundays at 11:00am except when they don't

We run in all weathers, so a change of clothing and footwear is always advisable....
If you can't see a future date here, try our Forward Planner

Date Where it's at
Sun 18th NovVentnor Down (2nd car park) après The Crab & Lobster Tap - Shergar
Wed 21st NovFull Moon R#n NOTE DATE CHANGE
Sun 25th NovHarry's Bar, Shanklin Old Village après The BGM! Bart
Sat 1st DecChristmas Ball - see flyer
Sun 2nd DecPallance Lane, Northwood après TBA - ?
Sat 8th DecChristmas Bash
Sun 9th DecFirestone Copse, Wootton après Woodmans Arms, Wootton PO33 4RQ - LoadingBay
Sun 16th DecJubilee Car Park, Brighstone Forest après The Three Bishops, Brighstone - ShortHorn
Thu 20th DecFull Moon R#n
Sun 23rd DecPointer Inn, Newchurch - use Newchurch Village Car Park PO36 0NL - DoorKnob & Shocker
Sun 30th Dec'Onesie R#n' from Shide Cycleway après The Prince of Wales (South Street, opp Bus Station), Newport PO30 1JE - Geri
Sun 6th JanSt Catherines Road, Niton (towards Buddle Inn)
For planned future events, please see the Forward Planner below.

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Vectis Lunatics Full Moon H3 List
Note: Runs take place on the Full Moon every month starting at the later time of 6:45 for 7:00pm Prompt (Not Hash Standard Time). This may or may not be exactly on the Full Moon. It will not be on a weekend and, probably, midweek....
More Info from P-Rick (see contacts).
For the GreatNorthSouth Run, see Here
Date RunNo.Where it's at
Wed 24-Oct-18 Run 205The Grove Car Park, Ventnor PO38 1TE après The Blenheim - DilDoh!
Wed 21-Nov-18 Run 206NOTE DATE CHANGE: Car Park opp The Prince of Wales, South Street, Newport PO30 1JE, après in the pub - Sukkers
Thu 20-Dec-18 Run 207St John's Station, Ryde PO33 2RT - P-Rick
Tue 22-Jan-19 Run 208The High Park Tavern, Marlborough Road, Ryde PO33 1AF - DoorKnob & Shocker
2019 Moon R#ns in 2019 will be a weekday near to: Mon 21-Jan-19; Tue 19-Feb-19; Thu 21-Mar-19; Fri 19-Apr-19; Sat 18-May-19; Mon 17-Jun-19; Tue 16-Jul-19; Thu 15-Aug-19; Sat 14-Sep-19; Sun 13-Oct-19; Tue 12-Nov-19; Thu 12-Dec-19 - R#ns will also occur for the 2019 GNSR
The Lunatic is on the grass
The Lunatic is on the grass
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon

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Wight Pedallers Bash H3 Run List

"Our Chains Set Us Free!"

Note: Outings take place approximately on the New Moon every month, winter Saturdays and summer midweek. There will be a 10-12 mile simple circuit for 'average' cyclists, with enticing loops for the more adventurous...
Re-ride your favourite Bash from these traces:

Date RunNo.Where it's at
Sat 14-Apr-18Bash020 Arreton Barns - Winalot
18-20 May-18Bash021/022;Nash Bash
Sat 9-Jun-18 Cancelled -
Sat 14-Jul-18Bash023This will be a Bash mostly on quieter roads... après Park near Yaverland, assemble outside Caulkheads, return for party at Trigger's Place in Yaverland - Trigger
Sat 25-Aug-18Bash024Visit to South Hampshire All Terrain Bash -  
Sat 8-Sep-18Bash025Somewhere near East Cowes Seafront (avoid timed parking areas) (Bring MOney) après TBD - LunchBox
Fri 12th OctBash026A Morning Bash 10:30am from Lower Hyde Camp PO37 7LL - BeerPump
Sat 20-Oct-18Bash027Dodnor cycleway car park apres Newport AGPU (13th Oct is Beer&Buses!) - BeerPump
Sat 10-Nov-18Bash028Golden Hill CPk apres Vine, Freshwater - Bart
Sat 8-Dec-18 Christmas Bash from Sandown Station apres meet 2pm in The Castle and apres that, a late lunch and party (please let the Hares know you are arriving!) - Limpit & Coops

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Check all IW Hashes planned future runs here
If you wish to do a Run, or reserve a future date, please email our HareRaiser, Baldrick (see
Hashing Contacts Page).

UK Events List.....

More Details on the UK Hashing website...

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What is Hashing?

  Unkindly called by some "The Drinking Club with a Running Problem", the Hash House Harriers is essentially a social organisation with a running element so, perhaps, the deep-rooted morals should be - "Running with Attitude" or "You Have to Earn Your Drink"!
  And so, runs are organised. And indeed, runs are being organised all over the world - well, not quite everywhere, but most of the English-speaking world and many of those areas where ex-patriate Brits associate and seek some small exercise before the sun goes down.
  The idea of Hashing was started in the 1930's by a group of slightly-unfit ex-pat Brits in the Far East and since then has spread to thousands of other locations, and tens of thousands of enthusiastic runners turning out at least once a week. We are, in fact, the biggest "sport" that no-one's ever heard of - though sport may be an arguable term in some cases! If you want more historical and technical detail, please
try here.
  Hashes vary - and that's saying something! Hashing can be anything from a 16-mile back-breaking cross-country run to a Pub Crawl! Here, on the Island, we are somewhat conventional, with a weekly series of runs following a trail laid by a 'Hare' selected from our number.
  We are not a club. This page just advertises the runs that each Hare has offered to lay. Trails, about 4-6 miles, generally follow public rights of way and open land and are laid in flour, sawdust or similar. Along the trail, route choices are marked by 'checks' and this not only provides interest for the faster runners, but also ensures that many are sent the wrong way enabling the slower to catch up, thereby keeping the 'pack' together throughout the run. See! Perhaps we are a Social Club after all! In fact, the rate of progression of the pack has been estimated to be half the speed of our faster runners so, if you can manage that, you will be very welcome to join us. Our runners are of all ages and many see the weekly Hash run as one commitment NOT to be missed.
  We do ask all participants who join our hash trails to be mindful for their own and others' safety, and to respect the Countryside Code.
  And finally, the important bit. We generally meet and de-brief at one of the many fine Island pubs. The Island Hash prides itself on being welcome for its post-run 'Après' at almost every alehouse on this land.

Understand now? - Don't blame you if you don't! - Just Try It!
Where are we going? Click here to read HareRaiser's announcement from Sunday 3rd Sept
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