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HashWeb: Mike "Cooperman" Cooper,
e-mail: web5@

The Isle of Wight HHH On-Tacts ... (Others below)

GM: BeerPump

Tel +44 (0)
Mob +44 (0)
e-mail: gm@

OnSec: PropShaft
Tel +44 (0)1983
Mob +44 (0)

Hare Raiser: Gisbo,
e-mail: hareraiser@

Scribe: Snowman,
e-mail: snowman@

Haberdasher: Suction,
e-mail: haberdash@

Also: PoorSod, Fracas,


Great Dictator of Vectis Lunatics: Rick "P-Rick" Pearson,
Little Mouse Cottage,
off Briddlesford Road,
Wootton, IW
Tel +44 (0)1983 882 623
Mob +44 (0)7812 038 796
e-mail: moon1@

Grand Crank of Bash: Paul "Snowman" Waterman,

e-mail: iped@

GM of SLOBS: Rod "PoorSod" Parker,

e-mail: slobs@

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