Sarah 93

Sarah 93:

01: Byron
02: Toy Tambourine
03: Fran

Beth: bass guitar, vocals
John: guitar, programming
Jenni: guitar, backing vocals, keyboards

Engineered by Jamie Seyberth
Produced by Jamie Seyberth and Aberdeen

Available on 7" and CD.
Vital Distribution
Made in England
(P) 1994 Sarah Records (C) 1994 Sarah Records
5 016557 309355

The best of the three Sarah singles on offer this week. Not that that should be taken as anything approaching a recommendation. Two parts whine to one part strum, "Byron" is the musical equivalent of milky tea. Just what you'd expect from a group who draw stickpeople pictures of themselves on the sleeve. What dull lives they must leave.

Aberdeen ought to get out of their bedsits a bit more. Get a couple of Es down their necks. Get themselves a remixer, perhaps. Paul Oakenfold seems up for anything at the moment.

"push", Melody Maker, 15th october 1994.

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